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Sitting, Waiting to be Served

It was one of those days that if you started down you stayed down. Volatility collapsed to nothing and intra-day ranges were all but non-existent. I did manage to make 5% in an $ANF trade — but other than that I spun my wheels and went nowhere fast.

To be clear, I have my fork and knife in my hands and I am eagerly sitting at the table, napkin tucked tightly into my shirt, waiting to be served. I worked hard all year, talking shit here, offending people on X. I want what’s coming to me now.

I closed the session downtrodden and bedraggled by losses, off by 108bps. I kept a 111% long position and fully expect to be rewarded for my bullishness tomorrow. If fortunate enough to relish in gains, I will immediately sell and sell short for BLACK FRIDAY — based on my assumption the looters will go absolutely crazy and destroy company inventory with their self imposed reparations.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I do not make these things up. I’m merely a mirror reflecting to you what’s happening in society. We have nothing to live for but today, so make the best of it and know the things that you thought were promised to you have been stolen and if you want to get them back — you’ll have to fight for them.

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