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Damned Market is Down — NOW GO UP

Son of bitch. I wanted to believe in the Thanksgiving Day Weekly Festival. I envisioned myself girding into vats of gravy, ladling myself with it as if in a bathtub — eating copious amounts of turkey and yams — happy knowing my stocks were soaring based on nostalgia.

Markets opened sharply lower and I waited and waited — but I remain lower by 89bps. I shall not sell short — because I still want to believe and find myself needing patience.

WE ARE RISK OFF based on earnings fears. Today has nothing to do with rates or geopolitics. We are simply down after many days up and also because the fundamentals aren’t too great. They’re not too bad, but not too great.

Into the final few hours, I will pray to the Gods for respite, to provide me, personally, with exceptional talent to see the forest through the trees and to profit from today’s market. With the proceeds, I might venture off and buy a coat for ANTIFA FLY, as the children tend to get cold this time of year. If I made a lot of money, I might even buy myself one.

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