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I don’t want to write a god damned thing, so instead I will list things I did into the close and then fuck off.

I wrangled with my laptop all day because the O key isn’t working prperly.

I planted a fucking tree, hated my soil and lawn.

I was short stocks into a god damned melt up, switched to VERY LONG into the close and ended up -67bps.

I bought 5 new iPhones and two got sent back to Verizon on a fraud flag that has infuriated me to the point I am sending all 5 phones back now.

I have a rage inside of me that can’t be contained.

I traded like shit the whole week and lost 1.2%, whilst bot my Quant and strategic holdings account made 5%. This only means I am, personally, retarded.

I do not like anyone.

If the market doesn’t trade up on Monday, I might snap and lose it.

Good bye and fuck off — have a miserable weekend.

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  1. duuude

    Hire a landscaper ffs. Leverage your efforts ffs. They have machines ffs. Get some boulders ffs. Plant all the trees you want… Ok leveraging their effort ffs.


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