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Having traveled around Europe, which by most standards is superior to Asia, I can conclusively say that America, even with its inner city doldrums taking place thanks to foreign agents, is a far superior civilization. I think it’s important to remind people from time to time that my modus operandi is for the American people first and foremost — fuck everyone else.

Sure Putin seems like a nice fellow. He says nice things and Kim Jong Un has a really nice haircut; but at the end of the day — fuck those guys. There is an American culture that celebrates supremacy in its people and I’m here for it — but not for those fucks who’ve been in charge for the past several decades. We are at the point of busting loose in this country, from all sorts of angles. You have the ANTIFA transgenders running amok defending pedos in schools, blacks looting and shooting, and the hard right fomenting discord in a more cordial but equally maniacal way.

I suppose you can say we are well past political solutions and hard tactics need to be deployed to make permanent changes. Because of this future, I can only surmise stocks are bounded by fate to collapse. We saw a meltdown today, all to do with the increasingly arduous issues of interest rates. There are some out there who will tell you “rates don’t matter”. But you really have to ignore those people — for they do not know what they speak of.

I closed with a portfolio beta of -0.57 — net short and diversified amongst various industries — just in case one or two escape my wrath tomorrow.

I did warn you numerous times about the horrors of September. You could’ve sold a long time ago and now you have to contend with your ego crossed against your largess losses. Moron.

I closed +30bps — because I do not lose in crashing tapes — not now not ever.

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  1. dchanko

    Yeah , those damm Euro losers
    With their higher standards of education, that is $5000 per year or free, and that reasonably priced health care, their higher social class mobility, their stable social democracies, their shorter work weeks, their social security net and their longer healthier life, their higher quality of life index, their damm high speed reliable rail networks, border-less international travel
    Losers , the lot of them I tell you

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  2. tha pirate

    If the EU is so wonderful, maybe let THEM fight Russia themselves, and stop asking us U.S. for help? Perhaps it is time to remember that without the USA, they would all be speaking German or Russian.

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    • dchanko

      What timeline do you want to use?
      USA would not exist without France economically supporting George Washington.

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