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Milquetoast Trading Session

I closed down 10bps, fully invested and also hedge — due to my uncertainty as to the near term direction of the tape. I could’ve just cashed up and waited like a pussy. HOWEVER, I much prefer to time the market and cover my shorts or sell my longs based upon where I view the tape going tomorrow.

The small caps were HAMMERED today and the market was held up by the mega caps. We hope for a quick dissolution of the stock market and total collapse soon.

The price of oil is a key tell into the happenings of the global economy and right now it is screaming bullish. Or is it? Perhaps the war is having some effect on supply? I cannot be certain.

One thing we do know is high oil is bad for the poors. If there is one singular thing all ruling elites have avoided since the Roman Empire — it is to fuck with the price of food for the pleb class. Nothing is more detrimental to the equanimity of a society than inflation in food prices. This is why the FOMC is fanatical with rates, in an attempt to deflate food prices — especially since their corrupt nature is very transparent now and injustice wholly on display for anyone with an IQ north of 85 to review.

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