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Who can stop me? Certainly not you.

I etched out a 78bps win today and nearly achieved my daily goal of booking $10,000 in profits for the day.

It’s important that you acknowledge this achievement and then quickly shut the fuck up. I am in the business of procuring money for myself. And, in my spare time, I might offer others small tips in between my war tweets.

Ultimately, we are all ideologues. I have strong opinions on democrats and their freedoms and this extends to the Federal Government and their ideas what liberty represents, which then extends to the Ukraine war and all of its disgusting grift. I do not have strong feelings one way or another for Ukraine. If pressed, I’d say they’re retarded slavs. That doesn’t make me pro Russian either. However, if pressed, I’d say Putin is a very nice man. The gist of my bias against Ukraine vs Russia in this war stems from my disdain for my government’s meddling into that region. Bear in mind, there is ONLY DOWNSIDE for me and my family if this war goes sideways and Russian missiles are flying into my front yard. If we succeed in Ukraine and kill all of the Russians, I do not make more money or receive estates in Stalingrad. As a matter of fact, I lose again — since Russia will be an enemy of my children and their children for just about forever.

My foreign policy is similar to what many straight while males in America believe: be fair and stay the fuck out of everyone’s business. Most importantly, stop killing people.

If we only applied half the energy into reaching a peace accord as we do in procuring weapons for the corrupt Zelensky regime, we could have it.

I suppose the truth of it all is — there is no political solution. America and the west is now represented by an oppressive satanic order of rainbow flagged edge-lords and their new rainbow flag is universal in its depravity and it counters the ancient order of god fearing civilizations who valued family and procreation above all. This can only be uprooted through violence and their spite must be eliminated and then erased from the memory of those who tried to pull America into hell.

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  1. duuude

    Well said Sir.


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  2. flea

    Yes – beautiful piece.

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