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I was on guard for rape and the only thing it did for me was I raped myself a little bit with poorly executed hedges. I soon began to realize that in spite of my seething hatred for a bull market — we are inside one. I admit to you to be powerless in this regard. I cannot destroy the market with words or even with my small accounts. In a different time line, perhaps I was a banker with billions at my disposal to crush the spirit of longs — crashing stocks lower at will. Men like Jay Gould used to partake in these sort of shenanigans all the time — back in the good olde days. Hey, I used to partake on a smaller scale in stocks we could rig higher back when I managed money.

But those days are over and now it’s just me and my fucking toolz against market forces. I really do win every single time. You’d think the sort of returns I am posting on a live forum in an actively managed portfolio would create some excitement. Alas, people like to trade their own way and blow the fuck up in spite of my best intentions.

The truth is, you do not deserve Stocklabs. None of you do. If the software did nothing and only had me in it — you’d still not deserve it. There will come a day when I decide to take my ball and fuck off and cancel everyone, returning their filthy money to them. That day, as nice idea as it is, has not come. I have more toolz to create and need test subjects to test them.

I crushed the session, +123bps, fully long and without hedges into tomorrow. Who is gonna stop me?

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  1. flea

    Friday’s are strongly boolish these days. Something to do with 7-day options lining up with the 0DTE crowd resulting in a super-charged buying frenzy… we’ll see if it holds up today.

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