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Day 1 Overseas: Brains Blown Out in Market

I’m in Edinburgh today eating haggis, buying up all of the cheap scotch sold here at absurdly cheap values. Much to my chagrin, I got my face punched off in the market today, losing 1.2% mostly thanks to an errant position in BFLY, which was blown out.

I expected as much and should warn anyone mirroring me inside Stocklabs to cease at once until I get back in the states. I closed with a 20% hedge against longs in TZA and a RUM position, based off some whims.

As for the city of Edinburgh, I fit right in. I look and act just like these people and should probably live here. I’ll be here for another day and then off to London, where I fully expect to get into knife fights with “Londoners”.

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  1. richardweiner

    Fun fact. People from America are called Americans. People from Niger are called Niggers.

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  2. teslawasright

    As always Le Fly

    Return to the late night drive

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