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Everything worked out according to doctrine. Whilst my enemies soiled their pantaloons into the close yesterday, I was emboldened to exit an otherwise harrowing session 152% leveraged long and boosted with upside ETFs out of my fucking mind. Much to my delight, everything worked out and even CARL “FUCK YOU GIVE ME THREE SEATS ON YOUR BOARD” ICAHN is on the move. I doubled my position at the open and just kicked it out for a 6% win.

I stand before you, once again, a victorious man. My library room now plays chamber music and chamber music only. The supple leather and silky rugs help me think amidst the leather-bound books which adorn my surroundings. You attempted to defeat me and now your head is in the guillotine. How does it feel?

+250bps and rising.

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  1. soupbone

    Nice. The orchestration is heavy today; being Friday and a bank-stress week ending on an up note is better for business and for the WH. Got to wonder if they’ll ever stop manipulating and spending, now that they are fully addicted to playing in the markets be it stocks, bonds, or commodities.

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