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If you put me up against an IBM super computer I’d turn it into junk in a trading contest and you’d give up on the notion of AI. I get into these freaky streaks from time to time, occasions when even if I tried I couldn’t lose money. This isn’t meant to boast — just stating facts.

I’m invincible now.

I closed out my small hedges and let my dogs run free, +115bps now. YTD, I’m up 39% and Q1 isn’t over just yet.

The plan is simple: let the longs do their thing and if it gets reversy, apply hedges to stem the tide. This isn’t rocket science. It’s rather easy, once you have a core portfolio to work around — which the Stocklabs quant does for me better then I ever could.

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  1. john galt

    Sr fly is right and wins again! Impressive to make it look so easy, the flux capacitor must never fall into the wrong hands.

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  2. purdy

    What’s an IBM old man?

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