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Good Sirs —

You thought you escaped the war trade and then the regional banking run. You celebrated with memes — after you had shilled for bailouts. You posited bailouts were bad prior to it effecting you. The moment if effected you — you started to suck government dick.

Let me describe my bearishness to you.

I am keeping my money in AT RISK banks because I want to lose it all. I want the banks to seize up and fail — the whole kit and caboodle plummet into the fiery oceans taking me with it. I do not endeavor to survive the great fires. Oh no, that would be cowardice. I’d like to perish in the fires alongside you — but only with an expression of utter happiness on my face as if Santa Claus just left me a tricycle for Xmas.

We went from inflation to DEBILITATING DEFLATION in an instant and let me tell you — DEFLATION IS WORSE.

Dollar shortages and PLUNGING commodity prices demands sharply lower stock prices. Whilst you might believe you will make it — you will not. A great tragedy is upon you and there isn’t enough money to bail out all the banks in addition to propping up the bastardized state of Ukraine.

As for me, I am +1.2% today and should be up a great deal more. However, since December I’ve forced myself into a 100% long book via the Stocklabs quant, so all of my hedging is what’s making me green now.

I am 20% FAZ, 20% SOXS and I might just leave it there — more than content with my pittance of a gain whilst getting to enjoy the plummeting of stocks and all of the other things which make up Pax Americana.

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  1. mad marsupial

    I’m okay with the ‘Blaze of Glory’ thing.

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  2. Orson

    Thanks Fly!
    We’ve been waiting for this to happen for 15 years.

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