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Maybe it keeps going but I took my gains and ran, +83bps. My YOLO is still 100% long ERX and my quant is still 100% in invested long a pastiche of strong names. But, my trading is now 100% cash.

I’ll revisit later on this afternoon.

I do like the action in retail, especially BBY, URBN and M.

More later

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  1. bambam

    Nobody is staying home. People are out and about in droves. Shopping is in full effect. Airlines are jammed. Prices are still extremely high along with food and nobody seems like they give a fook

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    • jacked rabbit

      Nobody gives a fook because there’s no fooks out there in the first place:
      – low unemployment
      – wages are behind inflation, but still up
      – people handling this through lower savings and higher credit debt
      – they’ll figure out when it bites them and no later than that since gramma needs to see the kiddos NOW…

      Where’s the problem? Software developers losing jobs in Silicon Valley? What is that, like 100,000 people with the most desirable skills in the country?

      The war? How many servicemen have died? None. Cuz we got no one over there except mercenaries, but that’s voluntary and in the name of UKR not the US.

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