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It’s an interesting question, as risk is OFF today. Do we buy the dip and hope and pray to the Turkey Gods for a spot of gravy tomorrow? Or, conversely, do we believe Thanksgiving will be canceled and instead of ebullience we get the black flag into Black Friday and feel dreadful about it all weekend?

I am professionally positioned at 112% leveraged long, but mostly in risk averse stocks. These are the names running hot today. There is a temptation to discard them in favor of crap. My only basis for doing so it some sort of hare brained risk on mood into Thanksgiving. I have 100 reasons not to do this, specifically the fact that retail sales are likely to disappoint and disappear.

I’ll make a decision within the hour.

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  1. metalleg

    Don’t do it Fly. You have a family to think about. So much to live for. Pleeeease…..

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