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We crashed the fucking close and I finished at session highs +120bps. Are you surprised? Well you shouldn’t. This is standard stuff during market collapses. I quite literally cannot be stopped and even when wrong, I have tweaked my methods to reduce churn greatly and also risk. My variance is low and my sharpe is high.

In short, I have never traded better in my life and given the circumstances — +3.3% for June — I find myself calm and relaxed and in complete control of my fate. If you do not feeeel the same, you’re likely taking too much risk and not calibrated correctly with the market.

Are you seeing the market — or just seeing what you want to see?

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  1. purdy

    I thought of our beloved Fly and his moving upsets as I watch these guys moving into a new house. https://twitter.com/dudespostingws/status/1541844021466767360?s=21&t=hZFeWPZL-_Rh2k1Wt7hXwg

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  2. roguewave

    Berkshire’s holdings, heavily weighted toward financial, have been lagging the SPX going on more than 13 years.

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  3. roguewave

    bad money driving out good

    Have you noticed that the old nickels (that contain nickel) are becoming harder to find? The new nickels (debased) are taking over.

    Most likely the old ones are being hoarded or melted down.
    Empire in decline, right in front of your eyes?

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