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All of the stars appear to be aligned for a small rally, perhaps to the end of the week. We had all of the reasons to REVOKE yesterday’s rally and did plunge at the open, only to reverse said losses and STEAM HIGHER. This rally was built from the bottom up, the smallest piece of shit risk stocks known to mankind. Dare I say, providing Russia doesn’t invade because of Kaliningrad — we might rally until July 4th?

The problem with thinking like this is war and world war and energy embargoes and all of the other SHIT that America and the west is inflicting unto itself. Early going in the Ukraine war, all of Twitter and Reddit were clamoring for Russian blood. Now with Ukraine losing 1,000 men per day, those cries for blood are now met with extreme apprehension as every single facet of American and UK policy falls flat on its fucking head. The Russian economy is booming. The Russian ruble is at new 7 yr highs and all of the west is harangued by multi decade inflation and weak minded leaders who concern themselves with the philosophical questions of gender and carbon footprints, rather than the quality of life and peace for its citizens.

The problem with going too long here is it’s a bet on these people and these people are wantonly incompetent and prone to error. The problem with America is — it’s not led by people who love the American people; ergo, all longs must be hedged until the war ends.

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  1. soupbone

    The only thing THEY are thinking about is how much inflation can be tolerated and by which measure, and whether that is conducive to winning ballots in November. Pathetic people that will steal your wallet then help you try find it.

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