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Hedged into Tomorrow’s Fuckery

Little known fact fucked face — Tuesday is the worst performing day of the week for the SPY during 2021.

Fuck that the NASDAQ showed today — it was a grim day for anyone other than FANG owners and the last day fade topped off what I suspected would be a ill-formed and narrow rally. I closed the session with 20% cash, 15% hedged via TZA against my longs.

I gained 0.55% for the session, extending my MTD gains to 7.25%, YTD to 226%.

The year has ended. The balance of the time left from now until Dec. 31st is pageantry.

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  1. Mr. Cain Thaler

    It makes so little sense that the vaccine failing is causing this kind of move given that the vaccine has been failing this whole time. And in the long term this helps support stocks. So frustrating.

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