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I’m up 620bps as you read this, an unbelievable, surreal even, achievement for a person of my stature. To think, I could simply walk into the home office and make more money than you’ll ever make in your life time — in a single session.

I made 40% on HOTH today, not because I got lucky or was using INSIDER INFORMATION (cc @SEC) for my investments, but because the stock Gods favour me. They always have favored me and I tell you this so you could stop worrying about me — as I leverage into this evil tape and claim what is rightfully mine.

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  1. tha pirate

    Thanks for killing Keystone Libs! Now Mr Buffet can make more profits with his rails as we risk train derailments and import more of that wonderful Mid East oil back on our way to $3 a gallon!


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    • tha pirate

      Of course it is much ‘greener’ to have oil spills in the sea and oil cars explode (like the one a couple of days ago in a crash) than to use those evil pipelines. Afterall the pipelines use evil blue collar workers to build and maintain the pipeline from dangerous rogue nations like Canada, when we should be supporting the nicer oil rich nations like Saudis and Iran.

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