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I’ve been busy all morning — but I will have you know, my trading account busted loose today, up more than 330bps, led by gains in CAN, OSTK, and JKS. As a matter of fact, mostly all of my stocks are banging higher. I took gains and immediately reallocated — because when I win I do so in droves — streaks that defy logic or gravity.

As you sit there stupefied by an ascendent Fly, let me remind you fuckers my quant, which has 50% of my liquid assets, is +22.3% for the month, led by gains in UPWK (94%), MGNI (+55), FVRR (+27%), and ENPH (+28%). I have 11 others stocks up between 10-25% for November.

This is what happens when high IQ meets work ethic in the markets.

Still bullish, incredibly so, heading towards National Festival.

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  1. roguewave

    Holy fuck, 50% up 22%, soon that’ll turn into real money. +8%, that’s a good days work.

    In other news
    Dan Morehead
    PayPal+CashApp already buying more than 100% of all newly-issued bitcoins. PayPal alone likely buying all within weeks.

    Where would Cash App get theirs? That’s where the finite-supply, inelasticity part comes in: At a higher price.

    go ahead, mark this as fake news. See if I give a f

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  2. it is showtime

    Certificate Of Vaccination ID


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  3. roguewave

    There’s very little, if anything, to be said in favor of Joe Biden. He’s a reflexive leftist, statist, and crony. But in the context of the D.C. Beltway, mostly inoffensive, like a beige kitchen appliance.

    Kamala Harris, his vice presidential running mate, however, is actively dangerous. I don’t believe she has any redeeming values, beyond ambition.


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