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I haven’t looked at charts in over a month, since I’ve been using the Alpha version of Stocklabs. What this amounts to is me running very high speed volume and momentum screens, permitting me to gain access to information before you. By the time you know it, I am already in. I quite literally own a printing press and feel bad about releasing it, in a way, for reasons of selfish absurdity.

This morning I turned on my computer and fired up the monitors and bore witness to a 0.4% deficit. I quickly remedied that by remembering what JOE FUCKING BIDEN said last night about federal money going towards EV charging stations. I had already been long BLNK, so I ran with that theme. I set up screens to show me anything Alternative Energy, Solar, Electric Cars, which are all in Exodus now, and ran some momentum screens based on volume and % near intra day session highs. I quickly bought a handful of stocks and my losses immediately reversed and I was up 1.4% for the day.

Markets then CRATERED and my gains HALVED, which is of course inevitable, so I sold most of the stocks I had bought and added an SQQQ hedge against my current 25% equity exposure.

The results for today.

(RKDA -9.8%)
(MYO -3.2%)
(GMBL -4.7%)
BE +9.5%
WPRT +9.3%
SOL +4.1%
DKNG +3.3%
FCEL +3.2%
AQST +3.2%
GOCO +2.8%

The first three losses were carry overs from yesterday. I took them out fast, because I have no interest in holding turn arounds. I am only interested in what is working now. If I bet on it and it doesn’t move, I am out.

The point is, it’s not even fair anymore.

Do not expect markets to tank too much, but do expect the rotation to continue. We are earnestly approaching elections and Joe Biden plays will continue to gain power, the closer we get to November.

Month to date, I am +10.5%.

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  1. ericbakerbruce

    so the value of your trading account is now $1,105. good work

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  2. og

    Crazy that 1-2% drops in the indexes almost feel normal now.

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  3. rigged game

    Fly, nobody gives a rat’s ass how you are doing with your
    frenetic, lunatic-like trading. It is of no advantage to readers
    of this blog, who are here (the few left) for other reasons.

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  4. Dr. Fly

    Comments are locked out for people who have never commented, for spam reasons.

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  5. tradingmantis

    Which do we get first….Covid vaccine or stock labs?

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