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People with money understand this is when you step aside and count your blessings. You survived an entire year of fucking Trump trade war lunacy and came out ok. As a matter of fact, your gains are extraordinary. This is where you sell and relax for the balance of the year, comfortable in your pastoral settings, amidst the country and the birds and the fucking trees.

On the other hand, in the housing tenement inside of the squalor of a city, is a fool margined out x 1 billion at Robinhood, trading like a jackass in the hopes of escaping bullet rounds each and every night. You hide behind 40 ounces of malted liquor and trade in the most indecorous stocks around.

At the moment, those stocks are all in biotech. Do not ask why. It is what it is (extra Irishman).

So I bought 3 of them, reducing my cash to 80%. No big deal. On one hand I feel the wheels can roll off this wagon, tipping it off the cliff and into the crevasse. On the others, there is a chance the new money third estate musters enough verve to get this fucker jumping again. Plus there’s always Trump and his shit. No one knows!

I hope I’m wrong and markets rally tomorrow. In the event I am now, however, I am prepared to buy the fucking dips.

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    Any thoughts on Peloton? Will it have a Beyond Meat or Tilray type run? Short interest is over 60%.

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