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Market Flattens Out — Consolidation Ahead

Stocks don’t bottom on Fridays. You should expect lower prices, as all of the fashionable people head out for a early showing of the foliage up in the Berkshires this weekend. If you haven’t reserved your home in Lenox, MA by now, I’m afraid you’ll have to slum it at once of the many Bnb’s or perhaps even a dastardly hotel.

The market is doing remarkably well, considering all of the trade-war rhetoric. I suppose we could drop like a brick tomorrow, which would be a good thing for me — as I am positioned into a heavy and largess cash position.

The market exudes elegance and a certain je ne sais quoi that cannot be quantified. If should be appreciable lower. After all, repos and such. But it isn’t. Therefore, it is going higher.

“If it’s going higher, then why aren’t you 100% invested, fucked face?”

All in good time, Sir.

One does not rush art.

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  1. bambam

    Can a brother get an OS signal anytime soon? Sheesh

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  2. WrongView

    Market will go down 20% from here before goes up 10% from here.

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