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A Clear View at the Current Rally

The old FAGbox is now the new FAGbox. Same story, different direction.

Sure, today feels good, but we’re more or less doing nothing the past week, consolidating recent gains — menacing to break higher.

For one, I like this move in OLED, an old favorite of mine. They have an IP lock on the OLED market and the fact that they’re doing well means they’ve finally resolved the OLED shortage issue and now all of the smartphone makers can switch to OLED.

On the small cap side, I really like this HYRE and feel it can bust loose, maybe go parabolic.

My quant is up 100bps today, far outpacing the SPY and I have no complaints. I’ve traded flawlessly, with a few drawdowns — but nothing big. My call in gold was way ahead of the curve and I’m generally a really swell guy.

Off for some lunch.

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  1. teslawasright

    Real men don’t Lunch the Le Fly! Unless you don’t come back.

    And! old is spelled olde.

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  2. s.k.

    You’re an amazing guy, Monsieur. The best, even.

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