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You will rue the moment you leveraged long inside of your bullshit Robinhood accounts. Let this be a stern reminder to all of you out there: MARKETS DO NOT BOTTOM ON FRIDAYS.

China missed on various economic data points, effectively fucking futures. Boy do I wish I had the internal fortitude to hold onto TVIX.

Industrial output in November grew 5.4 percent from a year ago, lower than the 5.9 percent analysts in a Reuters poll predicted. That figure was 5.9 percent in October.

Retail sales rose 8.1 percent in November, lower than the 8.8 percent the analysts expected. November retail sales growth was down from 8.6 percent in October.

Fixed asset investment rose 5.9 percent from January to November, slightly higher than the 5.8 percent the economists had forecast. FAI rose 5.7 percent from January to October.

Dow futures are -188, gold flat, bonds sharply higher. The US 10yr is -0.55%.

Believe me, I know my opinions are changing on a minute by minute basis. The reason for the uncertainty and asinine trading is because we’re at the bottom of a channel, a dangerous place to be during Xmas and in the midst of economic turmoil. To my credit, I’ve traded small and haven’t let anything move more than 5% in any direction. I am trading like an absolute bozo the clown and I know it. But my financial future is not and has never been in jeopardy.

In my trading account, I am 25% cash, 15% TLT, 25% precious metals, 35% equities.

Prepare for a bastard day of trading. I have just two appointments in The Capstone Programme tomorrow, so I’ll be around most of the day in Exodus (get your free trials now) — teaching those who need to be told how to comport oneself in the midst of a ruinous market environ.

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  1. s.k.

    Pops are to be shorted. Tried to tell you, bruh.

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  2. natehois

    Regular Jesse Livermore you are

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  3. evilmav2

    Equities market is like an agitated but increasingly paralyzed man sitting in a chair listening to the spoon swirling round and round in a teacup; And the man is about to hear: ‘Now… Sink Into The Floor… ‘

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