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Reminder: Markets Don’t Bottom on Friday’s

Good morning lads

I see markets are swimming higher, against the current, fishing out unsuspecting rubes to buy it here. Need I remind you the weekend is just around the bend and Monday might be an awfully terrible day. All sorts of insane things might happen. There’s no telling what Trump might say over the weekend.

Needless to say, markets don’t bottom on Friday, even if PG is higher by 6%.

Right now, like a true degenerate, I’m sitting here, sipping a scalding cup of black coffee, rooting for CPHI to jimmy higher. It’s making me nervous, because of its 30% swings. Alas life as a Chinese burrito.

Let me get settled in and have a better look at the market. I have a ton of cash, so if something looks ready to pop off — I’ll have no issues buying immediately, regardless of whether markets bottom on Friday’s or not.

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  1. roundwego

    It’s like someone big wants to crash the market.

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