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It Was Bound to Happen — Tea Bagged in Cannabis Play

When the bottom falls out — it really falls. I’ll spare you the cliches and inventive catch phrases that attempt to educate, cornily. I am buying shit stocks; ergo, as an extension of that, I am bound to get caught in a ruinous trade.

As such, I have two stocks tumbling on me now, TPRX and DTEA. The DTEA ran through my mental stop and I’ll likely close out the position today and curse myself for believing in pot tea. On the other hand, my IIPR is racing nicely, an excellent REIT on cannabis retail locations. Go fucking figure.

We’re all blood and guts, some of us more guts than blood. Ultimately, we all spill out guts and bleed out. My time is not now — too disciplined for ruin. But if you’re not careful, the most greedy amongst you will get poleaxed and checked out of the game playing these cannabis stocks.

Remember, when the ride ends — it ends. No fucking getting back on the damn thing. Walk away.

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  1. uglyflint

    Pot tea in the morning is a fine idea if you’re going to be a slug all day.

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