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I’ve Been Stopped: “The Fly’s” Historic Streak Comes to an End

Just when I thought it could last forever and that I was immortal, oilFAGS and SAAS-retards beat me the fuck down.

I sold DRIP for an overnight 7.5% loss. Additionally, I sold FATE, OKTA, and COUP — all for 3-5% losses.

Now I have a new streak, one of losses, 4 in a row actually, served to me cold by the stock gods.

Separately, risk is off. RHT’s miss is causing the SAAS space to pull in hard. Names like ZUO and SMAR: shredded. The once hot Chinese burrito sector is being dressed down, heavy losses found in IQ, HUYA and BILI.

I still own SOXS now my cash levels are 55%. I’ll survive, albeit slightly less rich than yesterday. I’ll take the day to regroup and formalize a new plan which can bring me even more fortune.

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  1. stuckcity

    Seven out.
    Excellent run Lord Fly.

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  2. ferd

    Based on your record with 3Xs …when you feel the impulse to buy …don’t

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