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Many have tried, zero have succeeded.

Long from $4.70

Happy Father’s Day lads. Have a pint on me and smoke a good cigar, and eat a big fat steak — because stereotypes are cool and it’s your job to live up to them.

I shouldn’t have to remind you of this — but quit freeloading and join the league of gentlemen at Exodus. Trades are off the fucking hook. We’re literally halting stocks for trading due to buy imbalances.

A new era has dawned upon iBC.

Off to pop a bottle of Champagne and spray the contents at, much to the annoyance, of Mrs. Fly’s general direction.

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  1. wolfdaddy

    Nice work. Never thought you would out do the crypto proxy trades

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  2. mspm

    I just want to know who is buying these asinine stocks at these valuations. Almost feels like 1999……almost

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  3. The Fly


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