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Bitcoin’s Market Cap is Now Greater Than $V, $PG — Edges Towards $WFC and $WMT Next

BTC is gyrating all around and was greater than WMT earlier. But at present peasant prices of $16,200, Bitcoin’s marker cap is $270 billion, or $50 billion more than Visa.

Think about that.

Here’s some of Bitcoin’s next targets on the mega cap market cap list.

$PFE: $208b
$CHL: $211b
$CVX: $218b
$PG: $223
$RDS.b: $227b
$V: $227b
Bitcoin: $270b
$WFC: $277b
$BAC: $287b
$WMT: $288b
$BABA: $341b
$JPM: $350b
$XOM: $355b
$BRK.a: $444b

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  1. dragun

    BTC is the new market .. those are old man stocks .. get in now lest you find yourself poor!

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  2. blackgld

    I will not rebalance my portfolio until $BTC is above 50% of my portfolio.

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  3. sarcrilege

    I wonder where tulip bulbs adjusted for inflation would fit on that list.

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  4. reversion

    BTC sits at 16k or where it was at 9am, up 50 % since Sunday

    Ohhhhhh the horror

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