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KRAMPUS ALERT: Muddy Waters Clown Rapes $OSIS in Polished Short Report

How wonderful. I especially like this short report by Carson Blockhead. The pageantry is very fine. Here have a look at the ‘candid’ shots of Carson doing some analysis on OSIS, which is lower by 25% on this report.

Now imagine yourself long this stock, hit with a margin call, all because Carson and his buddies wanted to front run a high profile media announcement of their short position, a few weeks before Xmas. This is fucked up on a very large scale; but he has a great track record, and as far as I can tell, he’s abiding by all of the laws.

Shares of OSIS have been clown-raped, and are screaming lower.

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  1. sarcrilege

    It would be great Christmas if that pos OSI Systems crashed and imploded along with that filthy gang of zionist satan worshiping traitors Chertoff, Soros at al:

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  2. cancel19

    Looking at a 5 year weekly chart, this stock often pukes then runs back up.

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