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Here Are the Top Industries For Month of October

Seasonality fags get in here. This one is for you.

There are various reasons why certain stocks and sectors do better during certain times of the year. Without getting into the philosophy of why this occurs, let’s just look at the damned numbers, god damn it.

For October, here are the top 5 sectors and their average returns.

Regional Airlines +6.7% (ALK, JBLU, CPA)
Major Airlines +5.3% (DAL, LUV, RYAAY)
3-D Printing +4.5% (DASTY, PRLB, DDD)
Technical and System Security +4.4% (VMW, INFY, ADSK)
Security Software and Services +3.7% (CHKP, SYMC, PANW)

The worst…

Silver -4.3% (PAAS, CDE, HL)
Gold -3.5% (NEM, ABX, FNV)
Biotech -3.4% (BLUE, NBIX, EXAS)
Hospitals -3.2% (HCA, UHS, SEM)
Shipping -3% (KEX, GMLP, MATX)

Data provided by Exodus

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  1. ericbakerbruce

    So what you’re saying is that October would be a good month to accumulate PM’s.

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  2. numbersgame

    Already in JBLU.

    BTW, WTH is this:
    4 pages? You probably have blog posts that are more in-depth.

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  3. sierra water

    Printing money in PVG today.. Coupon time..

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  4. sierra water

    I have been accumulating SKT, KIM, CBL, & KRG heavily for the past month near the lows.. Simon(SPG) is getting a bid today.. There is some growing evidence that we may get a bid in these stocks headed into holiday.. Take a look at the charts.. I have poured over fundamentals for past two months and the valuations are over done on the downside in my opinion.. There will be a transition to life style communities in real estate owned, especially by KIM in the coming years.. If we stay out of recession for next 1-2 years, these all have significant upside with large divs.. Lets see what happens over the coming weeks and months..

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