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As chaotic as Trumpism is, with little getting done other than provide the country with endless spy novel tier intrigue, markets have loved it. You must admit, the markets haven’t been this good in years. While it’s true, Obama was great for markets, it’s also true that markets hadn’t done much since 2013.

Even though 2014 sported gains of 13.4%, anyone who was trading that years knows and remembers that tech got absolutely poleaxed, with bubble stocks getting annihilated and cut in half during the first quarter. In 2015, markets trod water, up just 1.4%. And, finally, 2016 was a do nothing year, up until election night — which spurred a 10% rally in stocks into the New Year’s — placing the SPY ahead by 11.4%.

Halfway through 2017, markets are +11%, while the fag heavy Nasdaq is +21%. You cannot argue or debate the fact that Wall Street loves Trump. They may not like his ideas — but they positively love the fact that he’s in there, cheerleading for America, while absolutely nothing changes but the date on the calendar.

Here’s an update on my positions.

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