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Top Neocon, Bill Kristol, Exposes His True Undemocratic Feelings During High Moment on Twitter

Bill Kristol’s father was one of the founders of the neocon movement. Essentially, they were former communists who were loyal to Trotsky who toiled to overthrow Stalin, in an effort to spread communism. After the USSR collapsed, they coopted the GOP and used ‘democracy’ as their call for global revolution, which was essentially code for empire through war.

Naturally, they’ve been part of the government for a long time, via Kissinger and Brzezinski, but they only truly came out in the open under the idiot Bush.

Here’s an excellent piece discussing them.

And now here he is laid bare. Do we need any further proof that these people are a threat to democracy?

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  1. t.c.

    I don’t understand this. If you at anytime believed wholeheartedly in communist doctrine, how can you ever be taken seriously? Even my favorite ex-communist, David Horowitz, who is brilliant, still has massive blind spots.

    They don’t seem to have the humility to question their own beliefs in the light of the plain evidence the world presents.Their current attempt to export democracy to the world by force, is almost as disastrous as their promotion of communism. It seems very likely that most cultures and people require a heavier hand than is standard in the West and they still pretend that all peoples are interchangeable, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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  2. helicopter ben

    Bill Kristol is Stalin in a different era. He can’t use the greater good argument in the US because post WWII democracy provided the greatest good in the history of the world. Neocons instead are teaming up with leftists these days under the “idea” that regimes like Assad are not “equal” and therefore war is the answer. It’s quite convoluted logic but American leftists love equality of results even if it means everybody living in bombed out cities.

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  3. ironbird

    Why are they always so ugly? Look like a priest mixed with a bull dyke. Get a fucking tan and put the pizza down.

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