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Complacency Hits New Highs, VIX Sinks Again

Inverse Vix, XIV, is the best investment ever created–up 24% over the past two weeks. Having said that, volatility hit new lows today, as the market ripped to record highs.  This, of course, was a very predictable outcome.


Although not a fan of any of the volatility ETF products, now is a good time to hedge longs with VIX call options. We’re at a place in the VIX that has served as a bottoming congregating point for perverted VIX players. Some of their choice ETFs include UVXY, TVIX and of course VXX.

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  1. it is showtime

    Abe&bernanke tagteam over the weekend

    Endgame-Elmination of opposition will never



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    • it is showtime

      Tptb are This desperate:

      “This is the biggest short-squeeze in history… Up over 15% in 10 days is a bigger squeeze than QE1 and QE2 announcements”

      To get us/me Out of the picture

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  2. probucks

    Can we just crash already?Wipe the slate clean and let the idiots who buy dips religiously see their zombie brained cult-investing strategy destroyed?

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