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On the Precipice of S&P 2,000, We’re Down Just 2% For 2016

All of the panic and mania, starring the renewed collapse of commodities, forex markets gone wild, Federal Reserve induced apoplexy, have washed away with the sands of time. Over the past 15 trading days, the markets have, once again, accomplished immeasurable feats of greatness, dispatching all of the readers of Zerohedge into cesspools to die amongst the cess and the pools.

We are off just 2.2% on the S&P 500 and higher by 1.9% on the Dow for 2016. The political winds are blowing from the west, firmly in favor of the status quo with H. Clinton. The Republican Party is all but a checkered pants relic of yesteryear’s country club memory. These days are marked by grave injustices and propaganda designed to destroy the fabric of the country, for the benefit of a more global cadre of catamite ham and eggers. Many of you enjoy this brand of national suicide because you’re either too stupid to distinguish its malevolence or you’re wholly supportive of it.

Either way, stock markets rejoice in the fleecing of both the treasury and the American consumer. Henceforth, and providing the starkly puffed and helmeted face of H. Clinton remains in the pole position, markets should continue to grind higher, leveling the skeletal remains of short sellers with such a G force that their remains are reduced into dust.


Hip hip hooray.

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