Monday, December 5, 2016
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We Are in a Period of Enlightenment

There are three main drivers in this market, by which people are making fortunes in.

1. Energy

Whether it be alternative energy stocks, like PLUG, BLDP, PEIX or GPRE, investors want it. But there’s a better way to play it. We are in the middle of a renaissance in energy production–thanks to break through methods and technology. In energy, horizontal drilling has changed the game. The best way to play it is through fracking sand companies. There are lots of drillers and plenty of companies who can get the oil. But there are only a select few who supply the sand necessary to frack. Those stocks are EMES, HCLP and SLCA.


2. Biotechnology

I spoke to the good Dr. yesterday and asked him “Doc, if I told you 10 years ago there would be a cure for hep C and progress in NASH, would you believe me?” He said “never in a thousand years.” You may not realize it, but there is some serious and great progress being made in medicine. Look at the share prices of some of the largest biotech stocks–absolutely staggering. GILD cured hep C. ACHN is coming out with a competing drug, even cheaper. ARWR thinks they have a CURE for hep b and ICPT can reverse fatty liver. If you are invested, you must have exposure to this space.


3. Social Media

Humans are pack animals. We need to touch and talk to one another (no homo). When the internet was invented (thank you Al Gore) and web 1.0 rolled out, the world thought it would be used for information gathering and E-commerce. Companies like AOL, YAHOO and AMZN took the world by storm. A little later on GOOG came on the scene and revolutionized the way the human race sought information (fuck the library) and shortly thereafter venture capitalists started to fund companies who connected people. The first kind of social media was in the form of dating sites, like You may not know it, but Match, a subsidiary of IACI, is enormously successful. Then a slew of social media companies emerged and changed the way the human race made decisions. We no longer needed a professional restaurant critic to tell us if Mel’s Diner was a dump or not. We had a consensus opinion by fellow foodies to give us the scoop. Companies like PCLN, YELP, TRIP, LNKD, FB, TWTR and Z are improving quality of life for the world.

These are ideas worth striving towards, a renaissance in productivity and innovation, and definitely worth our time as investors.


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  1. AAPL to a Trillion
    AAPL to a Trillion

    life is easy. Hold AAPL.

  2. Sean

    Wow you’ve gone full narrative…

  3. Eduardo Peynetti

    Saving this post, doing own research and awaiting for a market dip sometime next year to load up on a very long term portfolio, thanks!

  4. og

    Got stopped out in DGLY yesterday… At least I own a good amount of GPRO still.

  5. Raul3

    they’re calling TSLA an energy company now, I agree

  6. traderconfessions

    disagree that social media is improving our quality of life. Think its detracting from individual quality of life. People are typing rather than talking. Last thing I need is some anonymous asshole faux food critic telling me that Mels Diner sucks. I rather ask a friend or try it myself.

    • og

      What happens when you are out of state?

    • og

      My time is too precious to eat shitty food, especially when I’m on vacation.

      • traderconfessions

        what makes you think YELP reviews are accurate? A restaurant owner has to pay YELP a fee in order to remove obviously bullshit reviews. Lots of owners refuse to do it. Rather google local paper review than rely on random comments.

        • Donkey Punch

          unlikely that you have been laid in the past year

        • og

          I know, because I personally use it all the time? It’s been pretty accurate for the many places I have visited.

          Look up restaurant reviews on Google. Most are one sentence reviews. Many don’t even have a review but only a star rating. It’s a complete joke in comparison. Looked up a local sushi restaurant on Google (10 reviews), then on Yelp (393 reviews).

          Somebody will buy these guys out.

        • Donkey Punch

          og, how many dicks do you twerk on per day? its got to be north of 6

        • Dr. Fly

          BANNED, raymond. Should I give everyone your email address?

  7. JPMorgains

    Hell yeah (extra Keanu)

  8. jon

    is disease cured good for biotech stocks? a sick ppl took more than 10 useless shoots today or just a cure shoot in the future.

  9. Donkey Punch

    Hey Le Fly, if these sectors are so great then why are you down so much this year (current calculations have you down 19% ytd, lmao), and also why are customers of the ppt (extra fag box) dropping like flys?? (do you like how i did that there, lmao), lmk thanks!!

  10. hennessy

    good post, although those social media stocks would be first 2 drop if anything scary were 2 happen

  11. fasteddie

    I have lurked on this blog for years. This is by far the best article you have ever written.

    hey traderconfessions, did the invention of the telephone detract from our quality of life?

  12. Green as Envy

    “I spoke to the good Doctor yesterday,” wait, I thought you were the good Doctor Fly or is there a mouse in your pocket?

    • Donkey Punch

      dang shaaaaawtie, how much it gonna take to get you to come twerk dem yams on a playas nuts til he glaze dem titties an at

  13. Randomness

    Gilead plans to license three to five Indian drug makers to produce Sovaldi and expects the price to be perhaps $2,000 for six months of treatment through public hospitals and community clinics in India (compared with $168,000 for six months in the United States). – From NYT

  14. ForgetAlpha

    Great post Fly