Thursday, December 8, 2016
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Predatorial Tape

This is the type of market that hunts down short sellers and skins them alive. There isn’t a respite in sight, as these men of undistinguished cloth get vanquished from the field of battle. We all know the stocks that have moved: FEYE, TSLA, WDAY, SPLK etc.

But what are some heavily shorted stocks that haven’t quite moved yet, but might? After all, even the old Que (MEET) is ripping tits today.

Here are my top 5 favorite possible short squeezes.






UPDATE: I am adding RBCN to this list.


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  1. hook

    doesn’t matter why things go up but to assume you are screwing shorts on every long trade leads to being a late long on things like feye splk etc. at some point you’re in with weak long retards running short interest screens that my cat could run.

  2. matt_bear

    Chinese burritos are extra tasty today.

  3. RosenRush

    If CZR runs, short it with every last penny…no way they make it out alive!

  4. JPMorgains

    You can add CALL to that list as well my Lord.

  5. budh

    Bot me some CZR calls– Chart looks great.