Tuesday, December 6, 2016
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March is Gonna Be Big

60 minutes did a hit piece on China last night. They’ve must’ve collaborated with Muddy Waters for the material.

Futures are lower and the American economy is on the cusp of ending, or suffering from a 0.5% annual drawdown thanks to sequestration.

Do we really care?

Come on. You people make me sick already, timing tops and running away from bottoms.

Retail and restaurants, R n R you pikers–remember that.

I am sure all of the experts will be “cashing out” tomorrow, following an early morning gap lower. I flick my cigar ashes in your general direction and hold the course.

We’re buyers of stocks in March. I don’t see the global push for higher stock prices ending because the librarians from 60 minutes said so.

To hedge, I am keeping my CCL and AG shorts and may initiate new ones in the basic material space.

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  1. samiam

    Looking to get long NUGT very soon. Dont’ see this going below 5. Huge push to 6. Mean same thing with GDX, AG, NEM, etc etc

  2. samiam

    WTF is a PM? Portfolio manager, primary metal, post mortem, prime minister? Repeat of 2011 going on IMO. Look at the chart

  3. samiam

    Oh precious metal. Whatever, this time its personal.