Tuesday, May 3, 2016
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Quick Take on VHC Verdict

I don’t have time to provide links, but Judge Davis ruled this evening, giving AAPL 45 days to sit down and settle with VHC, else he’s going to slap a 1% royalty on them.

I took my position down from 30% of assets to 4% because I was afraid of an opaque ruling like this. Don’t get me wrong, things are heading in the right direction for VHC. But the delay process is nauseating and AAPL is sure to give Judge Davis the middle finger and appeal any and all rulings.

There wasn’t any injunctions levied, just more delay.

That’s my take.

I am a buyer on dips.

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  1. But VHC gets $8mil up-front and $360,700 PER DAY while they wait for the royalty rate.

  2. Thanks,still my number two position.Appreciate your take!

  3. @ jake, that 360K is interest on the money owed.

    If it works out right, there will be no appeal, apple settles my friends.



  4. Raise Taxes, Raise Spending

    So 1% is the upper limit of what Apple will have to pay.

    How much is that?

  5. The market needs to open right now. I want to see my profits. Now.

  6. $AAPL sold 125 million iPhones in FY 2012 for an estimated 83 Billion in revenue. If $VHC gets 1% of sales, that’s $830M per year. That’s just iPhones, doesn’t include iPads and iPods, which I assume don’t infringe.

  7. DUST baby lol nice to have Dr.Fly on my side πŸ™‚

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