Thursday, December 8, 2016
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Housing is About to Take Another Leg Up

Shares of MAS are up sharply this morning after beating earnings expectations. But it’s more than that, pickled face. They make kitchen cabinetry and people are spending lots of money, further solidifying my belief that we are in the 3rd inning of the housing recovery.

“We expect new home construction to show strong growth in 2013, and anticipate repair and remodel to grow modestly, with big ticket items continuing to lag. Our focus this year is to successfully execute new product programs, improve profitability in Cabinets and Installation Services, and expand our brand leadership positions. We believe the actions we have taken over the past several years, including investing in our brands, reducing our cost structure and paying down debt, have strengthened our business. We believe these actions have positively positioned us to take advantage of the upturn in the housing cycle.

Masco’s direct competitor is FBHS. The stock is being overlooked today and should be bid up. I bought back BZH on the MAS news. I think housing related stocks are about to take another leg up. I’ve also added to my USG position (2nd largest position next to VHC).

There is no better way to play the housing recovery than wall board. Warren Buffett knows it and will likely buy the remainder of USG, keeping its future profits to himself.

Why don’t you?

Get your heads out from the pickle jars and buy a house.


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  1. elizamae

    When I was a machinist, we used to cut hundreds (if not thousands) of solid wood cabinet doors and drawer fronts to size for FBHS subsidiaries every week.

    This was in late 2011/early 2012…I should have seen the writing on the wall.

  2. JakeGint

    Indued. All that cake batter has to go somewhere.


  3. Mr. President

    Many people here probably hate Warren Buffet. But listen, young saplings, he knows what the heck he’s doing. He buys when there’s blood in the streets and triples his money like a boss.

  4. Cascadian

    BRK/B looks pretty good

  5. lol

    sold NFLX for a paltry 5.5% gain

  6. fly's advisor

    Good sir, consider using your time machine to go back a mere 16 days and buy enough KERX under $3 then sell it above $9 a small handful of days later. If using enough capital, it should more than play for the plutonium to pay for the trip. Better yet, send a servant back instead, hired to write “kerx” under your top hat, so that you see it and act accordingly.

    • The Fly

      I will consider it but make no promises.

      • paradox

        If you were going to, wouldn’t you already have an inflated account to the exact degree upon which you have bought and sold KERX before you even left to do so, which may impact your decision to leave and do so which in turn may result in you not having an account inflated to that exact degree afterall? And if that’s the case, how do you know?
        Plus, if you do so and change the capital flows and impact the future would you have even had the motive to go back in time afterall since you already would have created a avorable future with no need to go back in time to begin with?

        And if it is the future impacting the past through time travel, of what purpose is existing in a perpetually time advancing existence if much of our past and thus our present and future will eventually and inevitably be impacted by time travel and cease to always be the same anyways.

        Perhaps one under the circumstances of time travel, in order to survive, must develop a calculator brain if one wasn’t already born with it already, just to comprehend and understand the nature of one’s time traveling decisions.

        Simply by thinking about this paradox as such, I have possibly altered my decision to time travel in the future. By effect I may have changed the present. I will have changed my mind about whether to or not to time travel to a date years before today (once I have access to time travel machines). Of course the goal would be to change the past and by effect the future and present by which my time line passes. Thus, by doing so or not doing so, simply through this internal dialog as I type onto my keyboard, I will have possibly changed the present and the past and the future all at the same time causing metamorphasis of the time line and transforming myself into another universe where such a timeline and reality is appropriate. Therefore if time travel exists in the future in this universe, thought may impact the very existence of our past and present and by effect our entire reality.

        What if one wakes up in a different reality than tomorrow because of time travel or thought which may impact their decision on whether to do so? Would one know it? Or would one’s memories constructed from the past and present have only been allowed to develop in such a way to construct certain memories and lack of memories according to their reality and thus their entire realities and memories change without them knowing it?
        Perhaps their current memories would become what we call “dreams” and their “dreams” would become current memories, and as such every dream we have is one potential such reality and alternate universe that we are experiencing that may or may not materialize into a prophetic dream depending on the timeline of the dream and whether our thoughts causes that reality to appear and exist or not.

        or maybe I need to stop thinking about paradoixcal thought and start watching the market

  7. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    I just sold some stuff to a guy that lives 60mi north of LA, he paid 1M for a 1700 sq ft ranch style house. So housing is in fact coming back…

  8. Pg88

    MUNCH, Hooker knows the place for phuxsakes!

  9. Virtue919

    Forward P/E ratios seem out of line. Is this a trade where you send rationale out the window?

  10. Mr.Partridge

    Kill the bears contest is on…

  11. MX2101

    Social observation:
    When speaking English correctly and clearly, the credit card 800 number voice recognition system does not understand well and wants to send me to an operator or disconnect. I switched to speaking in uneducated slurring lazy “hood speak” and it understands me perfectly!

  12. JTU

    Thanks for the heads up on BX.

  13. Jenkins

    EXK is a piece of shit. It is, however, right at a major fib retracement line and a trendline going all the way back to 2009. I purchased it today for the first time and intend to bank some coin.

  14. Zero Dark Kitty

    Asset Management
    Pick ’em and Rip ’em