Friday, December 9, 2016
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Guaranteed to Win

In how many ways do I need to explain to you this is as good as it gets? The entire world is in the currency war and equity holders are the direct beneficiaries. I’m not even picking stocks at a particularly rapid or efficient rate, yet find myself up more than 10% for the year–just for showing up.

I have the balls to be 95% invested, cutting losses along the way, as well as booking gains. I am trying a bunch of different approaches, all to do with trending stocks. Eventually, I am going to hit my homerun, AND MORE.

90% of the “hard part” is showing up and not doing anything stupid. I am avoiding outlier stocks like the god-damned black plague. I want nothing to do with a stupid stock that can’t go up in the midst of this lunacy. If your portfolio was down today, shoot yourselves in the freakin’ head.

“The Fly” doesn’t have time for your crap. Do you understand me?

I’ve gawked at stocks that were on the bottom of my shoe double in price, for little to no discernible reason. Like I said a few sentences ago, my stock picking prowess hasn’t exactly been of the stellar varietal, partly due to 30% of my assets being tied down in VHC. Nevertheless, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and I know exactly what the market is going to do from now until April 15th.

Top pick: BX

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  1. The Zombie

    The Fly is God.

  2. TraderCaddy

    +1 for freakin’
    -2 for damned and crap
    That would be a -1

  3. ag for breakfast

    I sprinkle monsanto seeds on my portfolio and watch them mutate into chemically enhanced rates of return. (no Lance Armstrong)

  4. prospectus

    This Vee Aych Cee is killing me. How long are they gonna drag this out? My ADD skull-guts are about to pour out of my ears

  5. SteveTheNeighbor

    I have made a decision to go ahead and apply to be the new Pope and would ask if you could write me a letter of recommendation- without the God Damns, please.
    I have good sales experience and believe I could convert a whole bunch to the faith. After all, I sell you insurance at least 2 or 3 times a year.
    Further, I have made many executive decisions and listed them on their application- in charge of Temple Israel Purim Festival and coordinator of the Yentas For a Better Food Court.
    I think they will like my idea of Lox and Bagels on Sunday at the Vatican and changing the PopeMobile to a Subaru.

  6. dave

    Does anyone have an explanation for Olin’s (OLN) performance? You can’t find any ammo anywhere, yet the stock doesn’t reflect it. WTF?

  7. Tpain

    I live in Southern California and BX is literally buying the shit out of every home they can under the name Invitation Homes. I know they are getting a return on them rental wise, but if housing increases their assets should go up big time.

  8. JTU

    NIKKEI up 2.5%!!!!!!!

  9. LCH

    Fly….you lost your swing (and many followers) two years ago. You’re as happening as Andy Reid.

  10. Khip Celly

    Who the hell is Andy Reid?

  11. JTU

    CPST- up 16% AH on better than expected earnings.
    It’s hard to beleive that this stock was $94.37 in 2000!
    It looks like they may very well make a profit in 2013.
    There is 10% short interest which may provide a nice pop first thing in the morning!