Saturday, December 3, 2016
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ANNOUNCEMENT: “The Fly’s” Final Fuck You

Since 2006, I’ve been telling the internets to fuck itself, for a variety of reasons. For one, I was young, belligerent, and wanted to get a few points across. It is a fact when one uses profanity to deliver a message, it gets amplified. People pay attention to the message when it is outlandish and I used this to my advantage.

Also, my children were young and not really into the world of internet connectivity. My wife, as I’ve stated here numerous times, hardly knows the persona “The Fly” exists. I don’t believe she’s ever bothered to read the site, as she’s too busy dealing with keeping up with the fashions of the day.

But I’m afraid all good and bad things must come to an end. This will be my final profanity laden post. Frankly, I don’t care to use words of the profane nature in the real world, so why use them here? While it’s true, I do partake in the profane when jostling with friends: I never use this sort of verbose at home, especially around the kids.

My vocabulary is much greater than yours and I do not need the application of the profane to have my message understood and amplified. I’m a bit older now and definitely more mature. I’m no longer hopped up on Monster Energy beverages and I certainly do not drink coffee. Most importantly, my kids are getting older and I’d hate to become a source of ridicule for them sometime down the road.

Since this is my final profanity laden post, I’d like to offer a special “fuck you” to a number of people who’ve supported the site throughout the years, helping Le Fly (as he’s popularly known in France) become a household name, a great topic of debate at dinner tables across the continents of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Antarctica (fuck Africa).

The following people can fuck themselves:

The iBankCoin Staff
The iBankCoin IT Department, spearheaded by the Chevalier of Duluth, Vincenzo Illuminati
All Former iBankCoin Staff
Chuck Bennett
The Devil
All Readers and active participants of iBankCoin
All of the miscreants who I’ve banned throughout the years, all 2,000+
Howard Lindzon and his lovely sidekick Mr. Pearlman
Reformed Broker
All fucktards who follow me on Twitter
All of the homeless men who I’ve had the pleasure and honour of kicking down stairs and idle manholes
Old fuckers in wheeled chairs
The assholes who swore to God the SBUX-TEA deal would fall apart
TIM (both of them)
Karl “Blue Blazer Special” Denninger
Abnormal Returns
The Kirk Report
Andy Swan and his stronger brother Landon
CNN Money
The Homosexuals over at SeekingAlpha
Jefferson Krull
The Yahoo Finance Message boards and all of its trolls
Market Troll
Chart swing trader
Option addict
The Globe and Mail (faggots)
The Daily Crux
The retarded folks over at
Pattern Profits
Todds Trade
That asshole from New Zealand who may never be named
Business insider and their robot Joe Weisenthal
Dennis Kneele
Beccy Meehan
Brent Rose, actor extraordinaire who did “The Fly Show”
Investing Channel for selling ads on such a profane dwelling, supporting the 2nd amendment rights of our employee Woodshedder by allowing him to purchase assault weapons

Last but not least, I’d like to give a special “fuck off” to the assholes at WordPress who’ve made this blogging experiment run seamlessly throughout the years.

It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. May the next era be filled with topped hatted gentlemen– strolling about these halls wearing white gloves armed with black canes, beating their pet monkeys about the cranium for shitting on the Persian rugs that we hold so dear.

UPDATE: Regrettably, in my haste, I forgot to offer a final “fuck you” to StockTwits founder and world class yachting racer, Soren Macbeth. Soren and I go back to the early 1980’s, when I’d blow up his tree houses with jelly jars filled with gunpowder. Today, Soren spends his time studying botany, in an effort to find a cure for homosexuality. It’s rumored that his beta cure is being used as we speak at the StockTwits HQ in sunny Coronado.

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  1. gregnb

    I give it 1 week no way you last

  2. Scott Bleier

    Question: How was the order of “fuck you’s” determined?

  3. Anton

    Fucking hilarious.

  4. Scott Bleier

    I’m sure you just overlooked “Fox Business”…

  5. Jenkins

    This is bullshit. I want to see profanity.

    BTW, glad to see someone call out Brian Shannon (AlphaTrends). Amazed that his videos are held in such high regard when all he does is say that we could go higher or lower. Gee, Brian, thanks.

  6. Freebie

    No way – this blog works because its a natural stream of consciousness – filters will ruin that.

  7. one of those f***t*** twitter followers
    one of those f***t*** twitter followers

    I feel kind of: crushed… disappointed… disillusioned… let down… and like my world is somehow falling apart.

  8. Leo

    wont be the fucking same

  9. Maximus



  10. garyw1

    I’ll eat my fuckn shorts if you refrain from the profane for more than 1 maggot infested week of horseshit in this market

  11. G Swiss

    Fuckin pist

  12. Controller

    I don’t want to read Whitewashed Fly, I want The Real Fly!

  13. Bullish

    That new puppy you bought for Christmas has really changed you senor.

  14. Ed

    As long as slapping people in the face with hot slices of pizza is not considered profane, I think we’ll all make it through this.

  15. theedge111

    Your greatest post ever.

    I almost pissed my pants reading that. I feel like telling the whole financial system to fuck off. It’s filled with nothing but buffoons.

  16. IClickButtons

    This is fucking epic.

  17. metalleg

    I never thought you used profanity for effect. Sometimes they are the just the best and most descriptive words under the circumstances.

    I think you will come to this conclusion when you are searching to describe someone or some event and you will discover that any word other than ‘fuck’ just doesn’t do justice to what you are seeking to express.

  18. jimmy_two_times

    I smell more ad traffic coming!!

    I hear what The Fly is saying. I got caught at home one time using fuck and one of the kidlettes overheard, but all they got out of it was a Charlie Brown uggh.

    And yes I am a miscreant for using such foul language

  19. The Eye-Talian Stallion
    The Eye-Talian Stallion

    Please add a guns, ammo and high capacity magazine section to your site.
    It’s the only investment vehicle doubling, tripling and quadrulping this year.

  20. Karl "BlueBlazer" Denninger

    And a merry fuck you to you as well! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. TraderCaddy

    I knew something was up as I commented how reflective and calm the previous post was.
    Hey, it’s been fun and don’t forget to pay your taxes so I can live out my final days in a taxpayer supported nursing home (told my kids no to the Villages). OR I may just fling myself in front of a semi on I-4 when it looks to be near.
    PS I have seen this before when Fly went from the “orange” look to a new layout.
    Will be looking for a new setup. (Fly is addicted to creative writing).

    • Cheesefries

      You need to sell some of your INTC, buy you and your son 2 round tickets to Edinburgh, and rent a room at the Dunvegan in St.Andrews for a week.

      Call Ann McCarthy at Muirfield, set up a day at Carnousite, another at Kingsbarns, and play the old course 4 days in a row.

      Please make that memory before you think of throwing yourself on I-4.

      Life is too short, golf is a wonderful game between father and son,

  22. UglyFlint

    Fuck this. Fuck me.

  23. Grey Poopon

    Wow that was awesome, would very much like to see more real life Fly videos from here on out

  24. cbgraper

    no more cocain gorilla moves… so sad

  25. mrkcbill

    Fly trying not cuss on this site is like @CAP trying not to suck his own dick. viz

  26. muktukchuck

    Really miss the Asshat awards.

  27. Doughstream

    I have always been against formicating, feces-laden sphincters anyway.

  28. the omen

    It’s a great plan!

    I can imagine one thing which might derail it: if the great Fly falls off the VXX wagon… I don’t see him refraining from swearing if he gets into that vehicle of financial destruction again (for more than a day trade, that is ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

  29. Mr. President


  30. unclehar

    please throw us another oldy from the crisis

  31. synackf1n

    The Fly is dead. Long live The Fly.

  32. Bravo

    I too would like to know if the rap videos are included. Say it’s so Fly, say it’s so…..

  33. ramrod

    you’ve turned pansy and ah pan-sexual, i am going to cry all night tonight-YOU NEED MORE FUCKING RAP SHIT MAN!!!!!!!

  34. ggarbacz

    You are one talented “mother fucker” and I think you can be as sharp and cutting without the language. As one with a three year old, I get it. I do expect to see a few “#$%* offs” here and there.

  35. bobbin4apples

    Your kids will thank you later.
    “You stay classy planet Earth” -Ron

  36. ckalt

    A non-profane website should get a higher multiple for valuation and probably more eyeballs too. Greed triumphs profanity.

  37. Rollo Tomassi

    Dennis Kneele….You probably had to go back and forth about adding that one a few times

  38. ottnott

    From gilded to gelded.

  39. ramrod


  40. fly sells out

    Major Investors said to stop
    the profanity & fly says, yes sir! imo

    Major fuck up on swhc gets
    fly spanked.

    No hair on ass

  41. T-Bone

    Good News! I can now open this site at work without fear.

  42. clegger_2000

    So no more Rick Ross?

  43. UncleBuccs

    As long as phrases such as “However, you must respect a man, such as myself, who is willing to speed dice carrots, all the while his testicles are present on the chopping board with.” continue…

  44. Zero Dark Kitty

    Direxion Daily FUCK Bull 3X ~ Shares ~ FOCK

    Direxion Daily FUCK Bear 3X ~ Shares ~ KCUF

  45. Transexual Muslim Child of Two Gay, Black Fathers
    Transexual Muslim Child of Two Gay, Black Fathers

    The war on Christmas rages on.

  46. TaoOfPatrick

    Just keep that humility we all love(No Romo)!

  47. traderkb

    No withdrawals accepted.

  48. stankmeiner

    nigga, you lie…

    i wonder where your community will end up after iBC splinters.

    you’re soft, and b/c of it… your empire will crumble

    eat a dick you cock-smoking faggot

    i mean that most sincerely

  49. Sierra Water

    I knew this day would be coming!

    Sierra Water

  50. Leve Steisman

    Maybe Stocktwits will let you play with them now?

  51. Randomness

    Do you any idea how many cheap knockoffs of The Fly there are in the Korea town twitterverse ?

  52. FucketyFuckFuckFuck

    Fly going Mormon-Romney style on his readers. What a stupid, dumb fucking idea it is.

    Suppressing his feelings whilst losing large coin on stupid average down bets shall likely lead him to great ruin.

    In due time, he will return to the venue which permits him to release the inner turmoil and self-destructive trading demons which dwell within.

    YELP !

  53. dk

    Didn’t work for Lenny Bruce…

  54. charlie

    I strongly disagree with this move, as will the stock gods.

  55. Mr. President

    Hold up a glass if you were here for Le Fly’s “No cussing until Dow 10K” promise and, if I remember correctly, renege.

    Cheers to Le Fly. Those who are mad about this development can go back to swapping memes on 4chan.

    • elizamae

      I remember the self-imposed cussing ban. It didn’t detract from anything.

      Vulgarity is an art, those who use it well pull it off with grace. Most people just end up sounding like moronic knockoffs.

  56. Sooz

    Brent Rose, actor extraordinaire who did โ€œThe Fly Showโ€.


  57. Mr. President

    Does this apply to Twitter as well?


    fak u fly

  59. noodleboy

    Does this mean content posted will also be of a appropriate nature?

  60. tts

    fuck you too! really, it’s been great!

  61. Woodshedder

    The King is Dead. Long Live the King!

  62. jimmy_two_times


    Rocks in your single malt?!?

    say it ain’t so … with all due respect

  63. Tisker

    Dear Sir Fly, a very sad day indeed. Thanks for all the years of winship, and for making us all Jealous, laugh, commiserate and the rest over the years. **POOF**

    • Tisker

      I read this post on my phone and misunderstood it’s meaning, I think.

      Looking forward to more ‘the Fly’ posts, elevated out of the gutter of profanity.

  64. beej76

    that boy is a P-I-G pig …

  65. longview

    Well done, sir. Unlike for some, perhaps, it’s been your investing insight, not the blue talk (however hilarious, and it has been at times) that I’ve appreciated.

    And your unsuccessful imitators — especially those that don’t bring your sense of irony to the table — are an absolute bore to read.

  66. Xmas Ninja

    My tights are really in a wad about those ingrates at $aig suing America. They don’t even bother to go through the motions anymore. Used to be you had to at least come up with some crafty scam to force the government to guarantee your ponzi scheme. Nowadays you just have your lawyers beeline it for the treasury. Bend over America.

  67. theedge111


    Do you REALLY think you will be able to restrain your profanity when one of your stocks hits the skids for 30%???

    If you act like a gentleman during such a time then I will believe you!

  68. Marc David

    How funny. History repeats itself. You’ve done this before and held off quite well. But in the end, you return to the person we love and barely know.

    I believe you will abstain for quite some time. But when you slip up, I’ll be right there Tweeting about it.

    Although I do wish you’d re-visit Creatine supplementation.

  69. Fly Leech

    Well, at least it will be easier to read your posts at work. I usually have to scroll the title up so no one sees it walking by. I’ll still miss it though.

  70. fake amish

    For the kids it is a good idea. For the business of being the fly it is a very bad idea. Times are bipolar and the plebs need a leader they can trust. It is not how you say it. It is how you say it.

  71. razorsedge

    Dennis miller

  72. klaus

    Your verbose is superb

  73. rogue wave

    “Sad day indeud. I wrote a long post, but lost it. No time to rewrite. This won’t but will have to suffice:

  74. Cascadian

    “Profanity is the crutch of the conversational cripple”

    ~my high school football coach

  75. Yossarian

    But, not me…. Sweet!

  76. The Plumbers Crack
    The Plumbers Crack

    Great post.
    Really stirred up some fucking shit in the comment section.

  77. LR

    Here’s the thing. When a gentleman who commands respect does not use such language, if a time ever occurs where such language is called for, it acts as a nuclear option. Shock and Awe so to speak.

    As opposed to the words losing their effectiveness from overuse.

  78. 4fl3x

    I may be a lil late but….

    What the Cock is this Shit?