Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Refining My Position

My old favorite WNR is selling off hard today. I do not care what the news is because I know where the stock will eventually trade– and that is much higher. HFC, PSX, MPC, DK and ALJĀ  are all buys on the dips, based upon the premise that US domestic oil production will continue to increase, as well as demand for distillates, contrasted by a lack of pipeline infrastructure.

Being an experienced investor in this space for many years, I can tell you first hand, the sell offs are brutal. I recall riding a massive position down from $18 to $11, only to sell it later north of $24. Keep an eye on these stocks and look to get in, for WTI-Brent spreads are $18 and 321cracks are north of $23.

Today’s sell off was a walk in the park. If I’m right about the bull trend, we run higher tomorrow and fast. I added to my NAV position because that’s what I’m required to do–buy stocks when they are cheap and sell them higher.

Top picks: VHC, NAV

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  1. Samiam

    Doesn’t look like WNR is gonna go higher dawg. Maybe if the mkt goes up much higher.

  2. zzzdoc


    Last week you recommended CHK.
    What’s your take on it now?


  3. Magnum PI

    Sir…you’re gonna crush it this year!

  4. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    Couple of more days like this in MCP and I will be back in the black.

  5. It Is Showtime

    Up 7% today

    FREE +126%
    Doubled down a couple weeks ago and waited. Also VHC, STEM, GLUU

    Losses are psychologically draining. That said, postition validation, feels good

  6. razorsedge

    waiting till earning b out. 1470? maybe mid feb before i buy anything. bac, gs, yhoo

  7. Freddy Fishsticks
    Freddy Fishsticks

    Perhaps I missed it elsewhere, but if not, what is your NAV thesis? Buyout I would imagine? The horse has left the barn on an organic turnaround. Their engine technology failed, and now they purchase engines from Cummins and punitive prices (Cummins was a party, along with Daimler, Mack, etc, in the suit against NAV on their technology).

  8. acehood

    WNR even though ALJ has really held on a relative basis versus peers?