Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Fly Buy: $CROX

I added to my CROX position.

Disclaimer: If you buy CROX because of this post, your only daughter will be featured in a viral Obama phone testimonial, leaving your family name in shambles. And, you may lose money.

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  1. Trading_Nymph

    If the clam can do its magic, then the stupid plastic shoes (god they are ugly) will work.

  2. JTU

    MCP up over 19%! There must be a shortage of molybdenum worldwide!

  3. Beautiful Kitty

    News story reports Philippine market which has been a big winner (see EPHE) is down today because Manny Pacquiao lost his boxing match.

    I guess a typhoon that kills 500 has no effect?

    “Pacquiao Loss Could be Hampering Philippines ETF”

  4. JTU

    MCP up over 20! Shorts are getting their dicks and ball sacks squeezed through a meat grinder!

  5. joe

    WLT and MCP en fuego

    see, there’s always a bull market somewhere…