Wednesday, December 7, 2016
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Happy 4th of July

Although the fourth of July doesn’t mean as much to me as it used to, I still like to celebrate the finer things this country has to offer. When you get older, you tend to look at things with a more cynical viewpoint, due to the experience of being burned in the past. Our elected officials have all but destroyed the morale of Americans and have accomplished the difficult task of turning a winner into a loser. We didn’t do it to ourselves. It’s the choices and polices that our government made that led us down the slippery slope we find ourselves sliding now. You shouldn’t feel ashamed about the current state of the country, since you know what needs to be done.

Americans are a great people. Inside of 200 years, we’ve managed to conquer the world and establish a vast empire, one the world has never seen before.

The two party process is a fucking fraud. They like to pit one against the other, D versus R, so that we don’t focus on how they are emptying the treasury for their personal gain. The media in this country is NO DIFFERENT than Chinese controlled state media, where the dickbags on every network suck the cock of Obama, nightly, no matter what he says or does. When Bush was President, there was plenty of criticism, but he was always protected by the other arm of state media, the one that supports the R’s. The genius of the Fox News vs MSNBC crowds is that it fans the flames  and establishes the talking points of D vs R debates. I am sure most are unaware of this clever strategy, all properly financed and supported by the established elite.

They want you to go to the polls, like  fucking sheep, and vote for one of two people to represent your country. The only problem is both candidates are exactly the same, both vacuous in soul and mind. We haven’t been blessed with a great leader in a long, long time. There are plenty of leaders out there, but none stupid enough to run for public office. The machine is well oiled on both sides and isn’t receptive to outsiders trying to muscle in.

Aside from the situation they put us in financially, they’ve ruined our food supply, fucked up the water supply, trashed health care, denigrated U.S. manufacturing capability, allowed U.S. education standards to drop to third world levels, and initiated the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, from west to east, via oil purchases. If this were another era, one where men had steel in them, pitchforks would be flying at the White House tomorrow, demanding the resignation of every single member of Congress and the executive branch.

Instead, we will all run around the BBQ tomorrow, while watching jackasses play baseball, tossing around jumping jacks– without a care in the world.

We’re dancing in a club that is on fire and we don’t even know it.

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  1. Vegastrader

    Happy 4th of July. Well said!

  2. John

    Someone is mad, lol. I’m just glad to have ANYONE besides Bush in office. Besides it makes no difference who’s in office, the senate and house control everything. At least we don’t have to watch someone like Bush embarrass Americans every time he spoke.

  3. Hugh Hendry

    You are a genius of unparalleled proportions Fly. All that you write is true 10,000 times over. And because of this, all of you bitches will be doing the Hugh soon enough, until the point when doing the Hugh becomes a voodoo death dance and anyone who does it drops dead immediately. That is the day when the US bond market shits itself and the same day Fly will be on a rocket ship, made of solid gold, to another planet where the criminal and insane don’t run the show.

    Happy Fucking “Independence” (lol at the idea Americans aren’t dependent welfare bums sucking on the teat of government stimulus) Day to you all.

  4. silentmax

    Happy independence day fly and to all the ibc’ers remeber singapore will all accept you with open arms. As singapore builds itself as the swiss bank bank of the east.taking niether side of the east and west

  5. theedge111

    Fucking A Fly

    This post is GOD LIKE.

    In the words of Charlie Sheen it’s “EPIC” and “WINNING”!

    I hope this comment gets on fucking fire because you nailed it.

    I pray for a 3rd party candidate that will do the right thing because he doesn’t hae his pockets lined with gold by special interest.

    EPIC comment!

  6. jay the coffee guru
    jay the coffee guru

    Le Fly really is the Shakespeare of these god damned 21st century interwebs… Now I must check on the 60day dry aged beef for tomorrows open pit jollification..

  7. SkyTrader

    wow — nice post

  8. Juiceyfruit

    I agree with all except –

    “the dickbags on every network suck the cock of Obama, nightly, no matter what he says or does.”

    mostly they’re just happy to have a President that can converse on an adult level …..

    other than that, no President has been criticised 24/7 more than Obama, including Bush Part Deux .. the guy can’t take a breath without someone taking a shot at him …. various and abundant Republican media outlets, like Drudge Report, spin anything he does negatively

    on another note, I’ve never seen so many people out here in the Hamptons … never … I wonder if the economy is doing better than conventional wisdom dictates … just a little data point

    • Juiceyfruit

      the Drudge Report, the JakeGint Report … alternative media outlets like that .. there is a 24/7 Obama Smear Campaign going on like never before in history

      perhaps this country will have Civil War II ….


        Luxury is on fire….money is cheap…markets are up…..dudes getting rich on fucking $IBM.
        Nice work Señor T

        ZH and Denninger pretty much have it right….but timing “not so good” they should subscribe to Flys PayPal service.

    • James

      Same here. We vacay at the same spot every year and this is the busiest we’ve ever seen….

      BTW, nice post Fly. So true.

  9. Random

    Let there be a happy and safe Fourth of July to all!

  10. drummerboy

    amen !!!!!!!! god blessed america,not the tyrants in it.

  11. stockcats

    Just like in the movie Independence Day, our best hope is that aliens are on their way to dispense unearthly fireworks to free us from our oppressors.

    • Juiceyfruit

      That is a mighty thin reed of a hope.

      “Could the discussion now under way about replacing pi with tau be an indication of what Billy Meier was talking about, back in 1995, when he wrote:

      “These events coincide with many innovations and discoveries in technology and science; for 1995 and the ensuing years bring incredible breakthroughs that will change civilization. One contributing factor to these breakthroughs in the near future will be, finally, the exposure and rectification of an error in the Pi-number calculation.””

      • Po Pimp

        an error in the Pi-number calculation

        This makes it sound like we have been living a lie for all these years. But if you read the article no such thing appears. Pi is pi, has been and will remain so. The idea behind the article is to use 2*pi (tau) in the equations.

        Example: Instead of C = 2*pi*r, C = tau*r

        This is not exactly going to revolutionize the world of mathematics.

  12. razorsedge

    great post, thanks, i dont think theres a difference in the parties at this point, also the tea party seems to be on the same track. we r like sheep getting caught in the middle of a tropical earth quake. splitting americans instead instead of uniting us for a common cause. as a kid i watched superman, and he stood for what most americans felt, truth , justice, and the american way… the words of JFK its not what america can do for u…its what u can do for america… happy 4th..god bless america…

  13. razorsedge

    p.s. rick santelli for president,

  14. xxxHuggieBearxxx

    this post made me feel all warm and fuzzy and patriotic on this blessed independence day…now, i’m off to eat some hot dogs.

  15. Bullish

    Wtf? What’s up with everyone hating on America? I do agree we have a few hundred jackasses that make poor decisions running the show… However, let’s think of all the wonderful places we could be living in the world.

    Iran, North Korea, France, Greece, Libya, Egypt, etc etc etc

    Yeah, I’ll stick with the USA. God Bless the USA.

    • razorsedge

      not hating, in america the best thing is that u can complain. the constitution was written so we could make adjustments to it, because our founding fathers knew they didnt know everything…

    • pistilstamen

      The quote about men having “steel in them” is the crux of this matter. Without a doubt, we are now a soft people, and are more than willing to accept less from our country as long as we continue to propagate this illusion of “comfort” in our lives.

    • Yogi & Boo Boo

      I don’t think John and Jane Doe realize how much the political system is being gamed to their disadvantage. My business services economically sensitive small businesses. I have never seen demand this low. Ever. In their businesses they have not had to lay anyone off. They are not hiring new employees. When someone retires, the position is not filled. If someone leaves, they are not replaced. There is no new demand. No new demand means, no small business hiring.

  16. logicalthought

    >>Aside from the situation they put us in financially, they’ve ruined our food supply, fucked up the water supply, trashed health care, denigrated U.S. manufacturing capability, allowed U.S. education standards to drop to third world levels, and initiated the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen, from west to east, via oil purchases.<<

    Weird… The first part of this diatribe sounded libertarian, but then the portion I excerpted above seems to cry for MORE regulation. I mean, private industry isn't going to VOLUNTARILY "clean up the water supply" and consumers aren't going to voluntarily use less oil unless it becomes more expensive than the alternatives. And as for "U.S. education standards," it isn't the "standards" that are the problem, it's the parents. When the parents care (and make their kids study and do their homework), the kids get educated.

    Sure, for the most part our elected officials are a bunch of not-that-bright, incompetent fuck-ups; after all, what kind of really smart and mentally sane person would go through what it takes to get elected to high office? But it wasn't our elected representatives who lied about their incomes on millions of mortgage applications, nor are they the ones who spew pollutants into the water supply.

    Fly, where is your missive about PERSONAL and CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY?

    • The Fly

      I am not a fucking libertarian or a Dem or a Repub. Libertarians suck cock too. It is the responsibility of gov’t to make sure some things are managed properly. I don’t trust private industry anymore than gov’t.

  17. A Mönkey with a Recollection of The USSR being the only Evil Empire on the Earth
    A Mönkey with a Recollection of The USSR being the only Evil Empire on the Earth

    God Bless America! We need it bad.

    Great post Mr Fly, people need to realize that the two party system is all about fucking the middle class.

  18. Frankie Gamwell
    Frankie Gamwell

    You are a true patriot!

  19. Yogi & Boo Boo

    Well said Sir Fly.

  20. SteveTheNeighbor, Jr.
    SteveTheNeighbor, Jr.

    Thanks for taking me on your vacation Uncle Fly. You and Mrs. Fly are the coolest ever. Plus I can be with my BFF Fly, Jr. I know Dad will be looking out for your house because I saw him pull out the binoculars from the closet and some old hand grenades from his days as the CPA for the Navy SEALS. Dad built an outpost up on the roof so he will be watching everything.
    Well, I am packed and ready Uncle Fly. This is going to be a totally awesome road trip. Dad gave me some extra money so I can bring him back a Philly cheesesteak from both Pat’s and Geno’s.
    I will be waiting Uncle Fly.

    • flyaway18

      I was incredibly disappointed with both Philly cheesesteaks served at Pat’s and Geno’s. Compared to the version made at Nick’s in Winthrop, Mass., the Philly’s from Philly were incredibly tasteless.

  21. MetalLeg

    Awesome stuff Fly. Unfortunately, it has to come with armor penetrating ammo to get through the thick skulls of most Americans. Thanks Fly and Happy 4th to all.

  22. ruggyup

    Fly reasonably concludes, “We’re dancing in a club that is on fire and we don’t even know it”. I disagree. We, all of us, rich or poor, old or young, male or female, are perfectly aware of the hole we have dug for ourselves. The problem is we refuse to admit we are at the bottom of the hole. Because we like it. We dig deeper. We believe the worse things get, the more evil things become, the better we are equipped to manipulate each other for our own personal advantage. We like that. So, Fly is right, we’re fucked.

  23. johnny2time

    The minimum wage is what fucked us, it’s what fucked Europe. That combined with a good healthy dose of inflationary socialism (the opposite being dis-inflationary capitalism) and you have the world today.

    Can anyone offer a single reason why jobs have moved to China, India, Mexico, etc. and their economies are on fire?

    Everyone loves to blame the banks, but they were just following the script that housing never goes down. We’d have been past this credit crises a couple years ago if we had no minimum wage. But everyone thinks that’s inhumane so we print and print. What’s truly inhumane is what’s inevitably coming our way.

  24. Yabollox

    I agree with most of what you say, except the food supply; water supply stuff. Our food supply is amazingly good, and our public water is safe and pure. It’s huge news when there is a screw up in one of those areas. They are amazingly infrequent. Our news media is polarized. The lefts listen to the lefts and the rights listen to the rights. Never the ‘tween meet. Each of us continue to believe what we want and can get the reinforcement for those beliefs somewhere.

  25. Muddy Waters

    The Fly is making a big mistake with Fly Industries Inc. (makers of fine widgets and gizmos) with the bid for MySpace. Even renaming it FlySpace will not rescue this loser.

  26. flyaway18

    I hate to point this out but a minor error like the following seems inexcusable when it is followed by a trashing of a government that has forgotten the principles our country was founded.
    The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776. Two-hundred years foward is 1976 and another 35 brings us to 2011. Thus, “inside of 200 years” is factually a big miss. This opine is really one of the weaker blogs re: our government I’ve seen on this site. Who was our last great leader and what made that person great? What specifically needs to be done to improve our government?

  27. No One

    How about Ron Paul?

  28. The Founding Fathers
    The Founding Fathers

    Hear, hear

  29. Hack

    East coasters are pessimists by nature. Out West we are still individuals who control our own destiny regardless of the circumstances in Washington. This is because our states do not interfere with general business practices and stay out of our way when it comes to how we want to live our lives. Furthermore I do not pay a state tax. We do not have organized crime and unions. Crooked politicians are fired or put in jail. America still exists and it is moving forward, adapting and dynamic still towering over any other country in the world, unless of course you think eating rat meat and drinking snake blood is a cultural advancement or stealing patents is a technolgical breakthrough or in the mideast where a toilet consists of a hole and a garden hose.

    • rofl

      maybe u missed where CA just interfered with amazon last week?

      the problem with ppl like u is that u believe what u just said.

      google Dubai or Moscow and tell me America is moving forward.

      how many pieces of 50 million dollar art have you bid against yourself just to raise the price so you would hold the record for highest price paid at an auction?

      what about your custom one of a kind 3 mill Bugatti going to the United Arab Emirates


    • heaterman

      Must not be from Cowleefoawnia hmmm?

      Doesn’t matter anyhow. Everything from the Rockies west will be mutated, have cancer or be dead within about 5 years anyhow from the Jap nuke plant meltdown.

    • Yabollox

      The left coast is not called the left coast for nothing. Oregon, Washington and California– not to mention Hawaii, are as liberal as anywhere. Alaska now is a different story. As are the Rocky Mountain states except for possibly Colorado.

  30. Frog playing a colorful accordion in a small Italian village
    Frog playing a colorful accordion in a small Italian village

    We could change our political system by the next election if all of us voters all refused to ever vote again for any Congress person or presidential candidate who accepts one red cent of money from Special Interest Groups. We could find some good honest leaders with vision, people who have done well for their local communities, and then every voter who likes them chips in $5 for their campaign.

    It really is our fault as voters, what has happened to us– because we have voted for folks financed by Special Interest Groups. These Congress folks and presidents have, of course, committed themselves to giving those groups the legislation they have paid for, thus ignoring the will of taxpayers, voters, and consumers as a whole.

    • Wishful thinking
      Wishful thinking

      Interestingly, when the founding fathers wrote the original constitution, only ‘land owners’ could vote with the intention that, thereby, only ‘educated’ people could vote. The majority of people in this country now vote based on silly things like how the candidate parts his or her hair and the majority of people who vote don’t have a real stake in the game (i.e. land or education), except to hope for wealth transfer instead of opporunity and liberty.

    • heaterman

      Have you seen some of the videos of Obama voter interviews? It really is no wonder………

      • Po Pimp

        What about all the Dubya voters that were wrapping cellophane around their houses at the onset of Gulf War II? Or the ones that just knew Iraq was behind the 9/11 attacks?

        There are stupid people on both sides.

    • Yabollox

      Every interest is a special interest.

      • JakeGint


        How can you tell a political moron? Simple, he/she readily salts their demagogic speech with rote inanities like “special interests” and “The middle class.”

        The latter is a classic for the Marxists. What the fuck is “The Middle Class” anyway?? Bullshit vagueries, constructed to fool the stupid.


  31. Frog playing a colorful accordion in a small Italian village
    Frog playing a colorful accordion in a small Italian village

    Can’t figure out the posting arrangement here. If I am the last person to post something, then why is my post the 5th one from the last, rather than being the last post? It wasn’t a Reply and is not posted as one, as it is square with the Left side marging of the page.

  32. heaterman

    On one hand we have a president endorsed by Hamass (sic) Hezbollah and the Communist party in the USA. On the other we have the Republican party which seems bound and determined to force the country into bankruptcy and servitude .
    So what’s the real choice here? What’s the third option? Revolution V 2.0, which I hereby title REVOII? Sack Washington DC and all the inhabitants therein?
    It seems there is either no intelligent life in the political class or else there is an exceedingly well orchestrated plan to bring the entire world (you and I) under the thumb of some evil entity or empire.

    • go2mars

      End the Federal Reserve monopoly on currency and default on the debt. If your government made its own money then 40+% of every tax dollar wouldn’t be paying the same owners (of other international central banks) more than a trillion per year for the right to use their fiat currency. Instantly having those surplus budgets would be useful as a start.

    • go2mars

      But you did essentially nail the situation.

  33. prospectus

    It’s not that we don’t know it. It’s that we don’t care

  34. Chris

    Well said and insightful. You seem to have come to the conclusion that many of us have while at the same time posting (previously) what a bunch of idiots we are for being concerned with anything but making money. The world and its commentators are truly stuck on spin cycle.

  35. TJ

    To a writer who hides behind the cloak of secrecy – due to the strength of this country – you sound pathetic.

    Or should I say “you are a hero for saying derogatory words about the U.S. on July 4th – albeit anonymously”?

    the fly is a hero

  36. Frog playing a colorful accordion in a small Italian village
    Frog playing a colorful accordion in a small Italian village

    Regarding that article– Of course they do and this is entirely intentional on the part of the creators of these events.

    That’s perhaps the biggest core problem in our politics and our economy today. That propaganda works. If those who have mounds of cash from previous thefts, would like to steal more, they can purchase propaganda to convince everyone to not only tolerate this but to idolize them. And it works.

  37. Frog playing a colorful accordion in a small Italian village
    Frog playing a colorful accordion in a small Italian village

    Wow, now I hit Reply, to comment on the article about July 4th Patriotic celebrations– and it came out ABOVE the comment I was replying to, not below. When I post a comment, there’s no telling where it will come out on the borad.

  38. The Fly

    STFU and stop bitching.