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The Time Is Now For $ABNB

$ABNB is back on the momentum scan today, and finally looks ready for its march its way back to all-time highs. It has not been easy to hold this thing over the last few weeks, with shakeouts at every turn. This morning’s flush gave us a good level to manage risk, and another opportunity for market makers to steal more shares. If we can trade above $155 tomorrow, we could see a breakout in prices. Below $144, the day’s low, and I’ll have to consider this a dead trade. Keep it on watch:


Other than $ABNB, here are the rest of the names hitting the momentum scan: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS. Some of my other favorites include:

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Tickers To Watch This Week

Here are a few swing longs I’m watching this week: $PATH $BFLY $MOMO $KNDI $WWR $VACQ $SOLO $TRIP

Friday’s momentum scan can be found HERE. There are a bunch of good looking charts heading into the week if you are struggling to find ideas. As the futures market opens, it almost feels like the cocaine is flowing early, the NASDAQ is moving higher as is Bitcoin. Let’s hope the momentum continues into the open.

I’ll add some ideas throughout the night if I see anything of note. Let’s make it a good week.

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John McAfee’s Final Words; Thoughts On Life And Investing

I randomly found this Video on YouTube this weekend and wanted to share. I do not know Karl Boyd, but found his questions to John McAfee interesting, and even more so his answers. Some of you guys need to hear McAfee’s take on investing, it’s pure gold.

RIP King

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Cramer Sells His Last Bitcoin At The Bottom, Stocks and Crypto Rejoice

The scanners are lighting up once again and Bitcoin hits peak panic in 2021. I love when bitcoin sells off, it means I get to stack sats on the cheap, and today was no different (sub $30,000 prints). The FUD was thick this morning for crypto as Jim Cramer was selling his last bitcoin on national television. I think that was the bottom.

Cryptocurrency literally had the kitchen sink thrown at it this morning, yet manages to brush it all off by nightfall. God bless the people of El Salvador.

As for stocks, here are some charts that interest me from the momentum scan inside Stocklabs:


Today’s full momentum scan can be found HERE. For members, make sure to bookmark the LIVE scan HERE.

We may be in a golden risk-on period where they FED, and apparently the SEC, let things run wild. Trade and plan accordingly….


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Let The “Commodity Bull” Run

Cue up The Great Commodity Bullrun of 2021. Here’s a look at the industry movers before FED speak tomorrow: Aluminum, Nuclear, Shipping, & Oil & Gas. I seriously doubt Fed Chairman Powell changes course tomorrow, I actually happen to agree with the humble Downtown Josh Brown and think the Fed will give hints of a tapper, but it won’t be at tomorrow’s meeting. Should the FED remain course, we get a green light for the commodity index to scream higher.


Aluminum names saw a massive rally from the morning lows, and managed to close at the highs of the day. Here was your strongest group at the close:


Within oil & gas exploration, here are some of your leaders ranked by the Overall Stocklabs Hybrid Score.

And, here is Oil & Gas Equipment:


And, the independents:


As always, I will check the Stocklabs scans tomorrow to see where the volume is. For members, here is the scan I will be watching: CLICK HERE AFTER FED MINTUES 

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Paul Tudor Jones Gives Us The Playbook For The Week

Paul Tudor Jones, PTJ, had an excellent interview on the current state of the market, and gives us the playbook for FED day on Wednesday. He makes a case for a gigantic squeeze in commodities fueled by market dynamics and the angry mob, REDDIT.

INDEUD, what a time to be alive!

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