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Cannabis Lights The Way

…at least to start the day. $TLRY, $CGC, and the rest of the gang are breaking some serious downtrends, and lighting up the morning scans. Here’s a look at the opening action:


I think the trade can grow legs throughout the day, the overnight scan is already littered with the usual suspects….


Happy Friday Everyone! Let’s make it a good day!

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GPRO is heating back up for the holidays, landing on the top rated delta scan inside Stocklabs once again this morning. The stock is breaking out, back into double digits, and looks poised to squeeze a few shorts into the holidays.

$10 is that magic level you want to see hold to remain bullish on the stock. Otherwise, a break back into single digits will look like another miserable failed breakout, so play it tight.

Other tickers to watch today include: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Trade ’em well today….

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I have to make this brief as I have a conference to attend to this weekend, but the once hated stock of $FB is turning around on the rebrand to the metaverse.

On the news last week, I immediately got long in my swing account. I’m looking for a big breakout here as we trade through some key moving averages. Indeed, the turn is here.


As an aside, $VUZI which makes smart glasses for the metaverse, is building a bullish flag. This former Cathy Wood favorite looks poised to make a move to $20:


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Sometimes You Just Got To Hit The Road

I need a hamburger.

Unfortunately for me, there are no in-and-out burgers near by, so I will drive to get one. I’ve never been scared of a little drive to get what I want. The last trip I took to Dallas, I came home with the f-150 I wanted. This time I’m driving to Dallas for a hamburger.

You see, sometimes you just got to hit the road to clear the head, clear the mind. It’s been a long year, a good year, but busy year and i need a little break. Stocklabs released at the start of the year and I’ve logged in every damn trade for members to see live. I’ve also been very active in our chat room throughout the whole year, just as The Fly asked me too. I’ve logged 40+% gains for the year, in my swing account– all recorded live in Stocklabs, and bagged 200% in my overnight #delta account (I even did a live steaming series on how to use the overnight #delta scans in Stocklabs). Unfortunately, The Fly canceled my streaming service. We do however, have a great new Customer Service DEPT.

My blog however has suffered throughout the year. It has turned into a NFT “cartoon blog” as of late and to my stock readers I apologize.

I stated this whole year that I was building a sizable crypto position for the end of year Euphoric rally. I’ve had conversations all year with you guys, explaining about the 4 year halving cycle in crypto and how I was going to rape these coins then give thanks at Thanksgiving.

Well, my bags are exploding higher, and me cashing out on Black Friday may be right on target.

I don’t need credit or clout, I just need the money. And, now I need a damn hamburger. I realize some of you may not care, but I’m just documenting my life.

Off for a drive while I await GOD candles for $BTC, $ETH, & $SOL.

Good day, sers.

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Weekly Watchlist Served– MOMENTUM MONDAY

It’s Monday…. so it’s time to go through our momentum delta scan to build a watchlist for the upcoming week. Last week’s scan worked beautifully, catching many EV related plays, most notably $LCID. This week we have some EV overlap from last week, but we also have a bunch of new names to monitor. China appears to be bottoming, MEME stocks want to squeeze, and cannabis stocks look ready to launch. For those interested in the full scan: CLICK HERE FOR IMPORT.

Charts in focus this week include:

As always, be sure to follow along throughout the week inside our premium chat/screening service, Stocklabs.

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Cathie Wood Is Home For The Holidays

First, it was Bitcoin making fresh all-time highs. Then, it was $TSLA squeezing shorts to a one trillion valuation. Now, it’s Cathie’s turn to reign supreme for the holidays– once again.

Tesla lit the EV setctor, and now just about everything in the $ARKK innovation fund looks ready to moon into turkey day. From EV’s to 3D printers to little small biotech bombs. Indeed, Christmas is coming

Monday’s momentum scan continues to grow, and we have a number of good looking charts to watch this week. For those that feel like doing a little chart surfing, the entire momentum import can be found HERE.

Charts in focus this week include:


It should be a good week with many bullish setups taking form! Be sure to follow along as I trade a few of these tickers inside the mighty platform we call Stocklabs.

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