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Anything Fake Meat Touches Turns Gold; $BYND Poised For $200

Today was all about fake chefs cooking with fake meat via $APRN & $BYND. Who would have thought that anything “Fake Meat” touches turns gold? $BYND finished on the momentum screen inside Exodus, and looks poised to make a run for $200.

As for today’s top hybrid movers, there were a bunch. Here are 200 charts to work through should you have the time: CLICK HERE. My favorites from tonight screen can be found below:

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Momentum Monday

We have some key financials reporting this week and the small caps stocks wound up tight via the Russell 2000. Should earnings start to be well received, as early as tomorrow starting with $GS & JPM, watch for stocks to squeeze higher. I’m already long $GS heading into the report with a cost basis of $208. Tomorrow, I will be looking to add to my position there and possibly go long some $TNA.

As for our momentum screen in Exodus, here are the names to glance over on this Monday night: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Let’s see how $GS trades in the morning. See you guys at the open inside the Exodus Chat.

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Jack Dorsey In Breakout Mode

Jack Dorsey is winning this week as both $SQ & $TWTR are in breakout territory. $SQ saw a huge jump this morning through the $75 level, and looks poised to make a run back to old highs, we likely see $80s this week. The cash app, from $SQ, is finally getting the love it deserves with a bullish piece out just yesterday. With the bullish price action in Bitcoin, traders could flock to $SQ for the next  momentum trade.

2yr Daily Chart below:


And, $TWTR, Jack’s other love, is just beginning to breakout out on the weekly charts. We were buying the name last week and continue to like it here:


Jack Dorsey is winning, the proof is in the stock prices. The two names above are likely my two top picks here. Job well done Jack.

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The $TSLA Gift That Keeps Giving

As I was turning another year older at the end of May, another year wiser, I was simultaneously buying $TSLA @ $185.00. While most talking heads were regurgitating their shares sub $200, I was buying. I even decided to write a blog about it on my birthday: CHECK HERE

Fast forward a month later and Musk just delivered record deliveries, beating Wall Street’s expectations, and quieting questions about demand. “Tesla officially returned to growth mode in Q2 of 2019”

Why do you guys continue to bet against Elon? A man who plays with rockets on his spare time. I’ll sell my shares @ $420.00. And, not a penny less.

Good day.

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Market Back To New Highs; $TLRY Sees Largest Algorithmic Move

The market is trading back to new highs on the backs of a China trade war truce, yet many names– specifically the FANG names, are not leading us higher. $V was one name that traded to a new 52-week high, as did the following: CLICK HERE FOR 52-week High List 

As Far as our Hybrid movers found inside Exodus, here were your leaders today:


I ended up taking down some $TLRY on the day on the backs of this large hybrid move. The technicals are ripe, the shorts are loaded, and I have the Exodus algorithm on my side.

I hope all made money today, and all had some $TWTR in their portfolio. If you failed at both, come check out the Exodus trading room HERE.

Have a good evening all.

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Momentum Monday: Gold Edition

If you came into the week long Gold, you are winning. Gold is in the process of a multi-year breakout and the gold miners continue to litter our momentum screen. Just take a look at the move in $GDX here, as well as the rest of Monday’s movers: CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

Just take a second to take in this $GLD chart, look at this beautiful chart, LOOK AT IT:


Besides precious metals there are a few names worth watching from today’s screen. $EA made today’s list as did $AVTI, I guess you could say video games are the new gold, kid’s gold for sure. I also like this recent iPO, $GO— it is a must watch here.

And, for Exodus users, The Fly has a new UPWARD MOMENTUM screen to bookmark. Check it out HERE.

See you guys at the open…

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