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Weekend Top 100; Oil Bears Might Want To Miss This Post

Here’s your weekend look at the top 100 ranked stocks inside the Exodus Algorithm. The rankings change daily, and currently have a high concentration in Energy. The reason behind this is the sub-rosa formula which factors in the price of oil. Crude oil saw another huge move today, up a cool 15% for the day, and well over 30% for the week.

We were all over the oil trade this week positioning in $SLB and $APA for nice wins, both of which are in the Top 100 as we finish out the week. Members be sure to bookmark the screen HERE.

For those interested in all 100 charts at the close on Friday, I’ve imported them to finviz for your viewing pleasure. The list is sorted by volume not the actual ranking. CLICK HERE FOR CHARTS

My favorite oil from this week’s screen is $SLB. I continue to own shares down here:

If bitcoin starts to ramp this week, above 7K, I’m going back to the ol’ trusty $OSTK. It finished in the top 100 this week and looks like a coiled spring. Online shopping for the win. Developing….


$NVAX closed like a champ for the weeknd Corona hold, it also finished in the top 100:


These are trades, not investments, directed by almighty Algos inside Exodus. I will see you guys at the open on Monday…

Note— Give BigToona a big round of applause, he made it to the legendary iBC hall of fame:


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