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The way this all works is really interesting. I say something in a blog and the exact opposite occurs the next day, almost as if the Gods read it and said to themselves “let’s fuck with this guy in particular and tank it.” Today I awaken to losses of the largess varietal, in spite of good news all around me. Sure, we are on the cusp of ww3; but side from that $DKS said people are spending more than expected.

I pared off some losers at the open but kept the bulk of my holdings, DOWN 140BPS early going because fuck you. Yes I understand I am being toyed with by blog readers who are also supernatural Gods. But they can fuck themselves, as far as I am concerned and now I’m just gonna wait. They’re gonna have to send this fucking things to ZERO because I am not selling. I will become a fucking skeleton before I sell and I will place strict instructions in my will for my heirs to not sell a single fucking thing either. Eventually, I will be proven right, even if it’s from beyond the grave.

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  1. flea

    So funny, dude. I saw you were 100% long yesterday and with the last 20 minute sharp ramp to the close figured you were golden. And then, the open … How does this happen? Action definitely looks upward, so HODL, bro, you’ll get to green by the afternoon.

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