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Dreams of Fanciful and Gratuitous Returns Shattered Across the Rocks

Before I went to sleep last night I envisioned my portfolio up in the range of 2%. I had a very large $BITX position, alongside some $MSTR and $HOOD and things looked really good in the after hours. Bitcoin was surging and the fucking Chinese were sopping it up. And then pre marker trade started to deprecate everything around 8:30am. I’ve seen this happen to my dreams a thousand times trading, anti climatic fervor as a result of something very hot cooling down a bit.

I don’t want to look too deeply into this, as I am known to greatly exaggerate my plight. But I stand before you down 10bps. Although 10bps isn’t anything to be upset over; I’d be remiss if I didn’t relay to you the fact that it guts me to see it. I wanted success on a grand scale, chariots rumbling through the cobblestone streets running over my enemies with wheels made from swords, cutting their fucking heads off because I could. But now I am just like you, swimming against the current in the hopes of catching a break.

Trading is never easy, but there are occasions when layups are abundant and money is taken with ease. This is not one of those tapes, unfortunately.

I reduced my beta to 0.81 in an effort to slow things the fuck down and will soon begin, in earnest, a plan to get some of my money back.

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